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More and more organizations are moving to “The Cloud” and taking advantage of the convenience, decreased costs and increased efficiency it offers.

What exactly is “The Cloud”?

It refers to IT services and applications accessed via the Internet.

These can be business software and email services, data storage and online backup, and other services which are fully monitored and delivered from a secure and reliable location.

A great benefit of Cloud Computing is “anywhere, anytime access”- productivity wherever Internet is available.

NexusTek offers Cloud services in the following areas:

Microsoft Online Services
  • Microsoft Azure- Offers a cloud-hosted platform and infrastructure for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Microsoft Azure platforms deliver turn-key virtual environments that can be dynamically scaled to meet any organization’s needs. NexusTek can help you design, deploy, and manage your organization’s Azure environment.
  • Microsoft Office 365 - Provides a complete subscription-based, cloud-hosted platform of Microsoft business applications including Outlook. It improves communication, productivity and collaboration through an enterprise-class email service, shared files and data, tasks, calendaring, and contact capabilities. Click here to learn more about Office 365.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online - Offers a cloud-based platform to centrally manage your sales & marketing efforts and business relationships, automate key business processes, and deliver amazing customer experiences. Click here to learn more about Dynamics CRM.
Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) Infrastructure (NexusTek-owned)
  • Reduces your operational expenses and capital investments, including employee, energy and equipment.
  • Provides a complete IT infrastructure for your organization, customized for your needs, and delivered on a subscription basis.
  • Manages your mission-critical applications hosted offsite in a SOC-2/3 Tier III secure data center on NexusTek-owned equipment.
  • Offers enterprise-class performance, availability, and reliability.
  • Delivers flexible and scalable capacity to rapidly meet your needs.
  • A key component of your business continuity & disaster recovery strategy.
Data-center Hosted Servers and Applications (Client-owned)
  • NexusTek hosts, monitors and manages your mission-critical servers and applications in a SOC-2/3 Tier III secure data center.
  • Provides enterprise-class performance, availability, and reliability.
  • Delivers flexible, scalable capacity to rapidly meet your needs.
  • A key component of your business continuity & disaster recovery strategy.
Visit our case study page for powerful examples of NexusTek clients leveraging Cloud services, and if you’re new to the Cloud, take a look at these short videos:
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