What is The Forrester Wave?


What is The Forrester Wave

At NexusTek, we’re devoted to working with the best and brightest technology partners. That’s why we’re proud announce that one of our cyber security partners – Barracuda, was recently named in The Forrester Wave report as a leader in Enterprise Email Security.

What is The Forrester Wave?

Published by Forrester Research, Inc., The Forrester Wave is a guide for buyers considering their purchasing options in a technology marketplace. Using an available methodology, The Forrester Wave process incorporates the participation of analysts, research associates, the vendor response team and customer references to build a comprehensive report.

The evaluation awarded Barracuda the highest score possible in the cloud integration, deployment options, incident response, as well as support and customer success criteria.

Here’s a snippet from the report:

“Barracuda also provides an innovative AI-based solution, Sentinel, to protect against phishing and business email compromise attacks. Customers praise Barracuda’s innovation, O365 integration, and customer support.”

We congratulate Barracuda for garnering this prestigious recognition.  Here is a complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave report!


5 Signs You’re Organization is Overdue for a Storage Assessment


Signs You Are Overdue for a Storage Assessment

5 Signs You’re Organization is Overdue for a Storage Assessment

Hiding inside your current data centers could be legacy storage equipment waiting to fail at the worst possible time. Older storage devices struggle to handle today’s increased data workloads and access requirements. If that’s true, where will you be 5-years from now? 5-months from now?

1. You don’t know what you don’t know

When it comes to storage trends, you want to stay proactive. From CIOs to IT administrators, the individuals responsible for overseeing data management need adequate time and resources to assess their organizations’ environment. Only then you can figure out the best next step towards data storage where mobility, private cloud computing, and data analytics. The path you take will have a significant impact on your legacy storage architecture.

2. You think your storage setup is too complex

Different drives, different media, delivered at different speeds – these factors make up the legacy data device landscape. From drives and disks, to optical storage and tapes and then the many manufacturers involved, it can get overwhelming. By assessing your storage environment and planning today, you can streamline your organization’s data management for the future.

3. You constantly get complaints from employees

Cutting-edge data storage solutions are no longer reserved for the Fortune 500. Sharing common data services across both physical storage and software-defined storage systems, today’s technology is scalable for businesses of all sizes. Your storage should support your workflow, empowering end users (your employees) to access storage that supports all applications across physical and cloud hosts making productivity issues due to limited storage a thing of the past.

4. You’re not sure if you’re making the right decisions

Data storage is a frequent topic of discussion for business leaders and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. You need an environment that keeps you informed. A storage assessment helps your organization understand those analytics to compete at the highest level.

5. You think you should be getting a better ROI

When it comes to storage, your ROI (return on investment) is about consolidating workloads to maximize their value. Who knows what secrets are lurking in your data, if only you could recognize it. Reducing the complexity of data storage across many points is critical to achieving a better ROI.

Learn more about an assessment and planning for your future storage needs
Contact the experts at NexusTek to schedule your Storage Assessment today.

Can You (or Your Staff) Identify a Scam Call?


Can You (or Your Staff) Identify a Scam Call

Can You (or Your Staff) Identify a Scam Call?

As you already know – hackers are clever. They’re utilizing new technology to steal from businesses like yours. One of today’s trending cyber security threats are scam calls. Often sounding like they’re from reputable sources like your bank or even Google! The following are a few examples of the most current scam calls.

The “Call from Google” Scam

Businesses rely on Google for several services. From Google ads and payment services to Google map listings and more, receiving a call from Google might not seem out of the ordinary. But, take a look at this recent transcript:

“Yea hi, this is an important message for the business owner. Due to recent changes in Google Maps we are required to inform you that unless the business owner reviews and confirms the information on your Google Plus business page, we will no longer be able to show it to Google users at the end of the coming month. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to speak to the tech support person assigned to help you personally. Thank You.”

While Google does make calls to a business they almost always originate from Google’s main number – (650) 253-0000, scam calls often originate from boiler room set ups.

Your Bank Is Calling Scam

If you ever receive a call from your bank asking you to verify information or make quick decisions, hang up and call your bank back. Ask to speak to a representative and explain the phone call you received. They may very well tell you: “We don’t have a record of reaching out to you.” Which is good news – you’ve avoided a scam!

Even if your caller ID reads “Wells Fargo,” don’t trust it. Hackers can manipulate this information. Your best course of action is to end the conversation and call the banker back. If you’re able to get through, great! If the call goes nowhere then you know it was a scam.

What can you do?

First, stay informed by reading up on the latest cyber security trends and educate your employees on what to avoid. Afterall, your network is only as secure as your “human firewall.” In today’s connected world, all it takes is one wrong click or responding with critical information to one wrong phone call that could jeopardize your entire business.

Bring in Reinforcements if Necessary

If you feel that you could be doing more to educate your employees, contact the experts at NexusTek.
Our proactive approach to Cyber Security Services places education at the forefront, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Dentists Nationwide Victimized by REvil Ransomware as Hackers Attack Cavity in DDS Safe


Ransomware Alert - Dental Offices

Dentists Nationwide Victimized by REvil Ransomware as Hackers Attack Cavity in DDS Safe

According to ZDNet, hundreds of dentists’ offices in the US were attacked by cyber criminals this past weekend. A ransomware gang targeted and compromised DDS Safe, a medical records retention and backup solution used by dental offices across the country.

Ransomware attacks cripple businesses by locking users out of computer files used to run your business. Implementing preventative measures can greatly reduce the risk of your organization becoming another ransomware statistic. Dentists returned to work on Monday to discover this breach after they were unable to access any patient information. Sources state that the Digital Dental Record and PerCSoft, the software companies behind DDS Safe, agreed to pay the ransom demand and have been helping companies impacted recover encrypted files.

To protect your practice and your patients’ privacy, contact NexusTek for a vulnerability assessment and guidance on effective preventative measures.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Whether your practice was affected or not, failing to act signals to cyber attackers that your business is unprotected.

Trusted by thousands of businesses across the US and Canada, NexusTek is a top cyber security and outsourced IT services provider. NexusTek’s Cyber Security Risk Assessment analyzes each level of your system, response strategies, training strategies, business continuity strategies and more. We will identify holes in your technology and help implement an effective security and response strategy.

Contact NexusTek today.

NexusTek protects clients from this and other threats. Call 877-470-0401 to speak to one of our IT experts, or email info@nexustek.com.

Five Reasons to Upgrade from Windows 7 Today


Five Reasons to Upgrade from Windows 7 Today

Five Reasons to Upgrade from Windows 7 Today

Windows 7 is going end-of-life in January 2020 – less than six months from the time we’re writing this. The early data shows that most companies haven’t prepared for this deadline. Almost 20% of organizations have no idea when the deadline will hit, and only 6% know when then the deadline will hit – but still have no plans to make the change. In other words, leaving a quarter of organizations stranded by the end-of-life deadline.

If your organization still has Windows 7 terminals in the pipeline to upgrade, you may not be feeling any particular urgency. After all, the end of Windows 7 support doesn’t mean that your computers will stop to operate.  With the absence of new features or security upgrades, they’ll become that much more vulnerable and difficult to use. Here are five reasons why you need to accelerate your Windows 7 upgrade plans if you haven’t done so already.

1. Windows Security Concerns are Accelerating

Malware is getting more advanced as time goes by – and that goes double for unpatched end-of-life systemsYou can’t hide unpatched systems behind a firewall, as the continued growth of cloud services and remote work exposes your critical infrastructure beyond the reach of a secure perimeter.

New vulnerabilities affect old operating systems all the time, with security researchers discovering over 16,000 per year as of 2018. 76% of attacks now make use of before undiscovered vulnerabilities or fileless malware that can evade antivirus. With Windows 7 going end-of-life, Microsoft will not patch these vulnerabilities, making your computers insecure.

2. Obsolete Operating Systems Break Compliance

If your industry is governed by a compliance regime such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, or the GDPR, you have a responsibility to protect your critical data. Violators can receive expensive fines or even jail time in some cases. Here’s a hint: storing critical data on an insecure system is not going to impress auditors. You either need to move all data that could be sensitive off your Windows 7 endpoints or upgrade them to Windows 10. Guess which job is easier?

3. Old Computers Slow Down Productivity

Have you ever tried to check your mail, edit a long word document, or navigate the internet on an old computer? It’s not the best. Windows 7 endpoints will be unable to open the latest file formats, run the latest applications, or browse media-rich websites. Your workers will be behind the curve in an era where every company is implementing a digital transformation. The average worker can waste 40 minutes a day because of slow or obsolete technology. Failing to upgrade from Windows 7 will make the problem even worse.

4. Operating Legacy Hardware Will Eat Your Bottom Line

As it turns out, you can hire Microsoft to get you the latest patches and upgrades for Windows 7, even after January 2020 – but it won’t be cheap. You will pay $50 per desktop in the first year after Windows 7 goes end-of-life, but that cost will rise to $200 per device by year three. Extended support will become unavailable thereafter.  If you’re maintaining a large stable of Windows 7 computers, you can either pay to keep them secure, or receive free updates with a Windows 10 License.

5. Obsolete Computers are a Sign of Obsolete Infrastructure

If you’re a dedicated IT admin, it can be easy to focus the many projects you have over the unseen threats to your endpoints. But, if your desktops are obsolete it’s likely that your servers and switches are as well. 64% of organizations are boosting their IT infrastructure in 2019 out of necessity to keep up with the latest technologies. Instead of spending extra IT budget dollars due to outdated desktops, imagine what you could accomplish if you were able to spend those budget dollars on innovation?

NexusTek Helps Make Upgrades Simple

If you’re in need to optimize your endpoints, NexusTek can help. Our managed IT services allow you to focus on your core job functions while we perform the meticulous work of getting your technology ready for a new OS. While you focus on building your company a better future, we’ll help make sure that your infrastructure is ready for the present and beyond – contact us today for more information!

Windows 7 Will Go Out of Compliance as it Goes End of Life (EOL)


Windows 7 Will Go Out of Compliance as it Goes End of Life

Windows 7 Will Go Out of Compliance as it Goes End of Life (EOL)

There have been many articles that cover how Windows 7 will make your computer more vulnerable to malware. When the system goes end-of-life in January 2020, Microsoft will stop issuing security updates for all but the most severe issues, leaving its legacy systems undefended.

Viruses and malware are far from the only thing that you’ll have to worry about once Windows 7 goes EOL. Corporations dealing with healthcare information, credit card numbers, financial information, or data from EU citizens may be subject to strict compliance requirements. For example, storing your data on an end-of-life system may violate these requirements in any number of ways:

Storing Data on an EOL System is a Great Way to Lose It

What happens when you store data on a computer whose operating system has gone end-of-life?

The first answer is “nothing good.” As time goes on, the computer will become more susceptible to bugs and errors, which increases the risk of catastrophic data loss. The longer you store your data on an end-of-life system, the more likely it is that you’ll lose it.

You think that this problem is what backup and disaster recovery programs are for – and you’re right! Except, of course, that your backup and disaster recovery programs are most likely built to work with supported operating systems. Are you willing to take the chance that your modern backup and recovery tool won’t work with an EOL system?

This risk goes double for non-accidental disasters – e.g. viruses and malware. Having an EOL system means that it will be that much easier for attackers to break through your defenses and steal your data. It also means that a ransomware attacker will find it much easier to locate and delete your backups.

What Does Losing Data Have to Do with Compliance?

Three words: data retention requirements.

The Bank Secrecy Act prevents banks from enabling tax evasion, money laundering, and other forms of corruption. It requires banks, casinos, and other financial institutions to preserve their customer records for at least five years. Banks and ATM vendors, coincidentally, are among those experiencing a general delay in their Windows 10 implementations. If they lose customer data to obsolescence or malware, their employees could face criminal penalties or even spend time in prison.

Under HIPAA, covered entities are required to preserve relevant documentation for six years or more, while medical records are covered by state records retention laws – usually for around five years. Notably, the healthcare industry also has significant problems when it comes to upgrading their Windows 7 computers. By the January 2020 deadline, at least 70% of devices and computers in the healthcare industry will be running on out-of-date operating systems.

You’ll find that this is a common theme. Across the industries that governed by compliance rules with data retention requirements, the companies that comprise those industries are having difficulty upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. If this was a novel, we’d call it “Foreshadowing.”

Data Retention Isn’t Your Only Problem

Even if your compliance regime doesn’t have specific guidelines about how long you should be storing data, you’re still going to encounter difficulties.

For example, PCI-DSS has some broad guidelines when it comes to data storage. Under PCI, your mandate is to protect stored cardholder data. Is cardholder data fully protected if it’s stored on a computer with a depreciated operating system? Technology best practices would suggest “no”. Also fines for PCI violations are steep – some in the order of $100,000 a month until addressing your security problems.

HIPAA and the GDPR also offer large fines for violators while providing a flexible definition of protection. You might store your data with perfect encryption, hide it behind a firewall, and protect it with strong antivirus…but if it’s stored on a Windows 7 PC, regulators will still be able to argue that you haven’t done your due diligence.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Operating Systems

Most organizations try to make a point of storing customer and mission-critical data on systems other than desktops. Servers and cloud storage are more secure than desktops connected to the internet and subject to user error. You may think it doesn’t matter that your users are using obsolete desktops, because you make a point to centralize all the critical data.

Unfortunately, data creeps out of place. Users are the enemy of categorized data, and even a organized system is likely to find sensitive data saved to unsecured locations. In that case, its best that this displaced data is still protected by the most up-to-date operating system available.

Still Running Windows 7?
Contact Us and We’ll Get Your Operating System Up To Date!

NexusTek Names Scott Ray as Chief Operating Officer

NexusTek Names Scott Ray as Chief Operating Officer

NexusTek Names Scott Ray as Chief Operating Officer

IT services leader will direct service delivery, product development, internal IT and integration

Denver, CO (August 26, 2019) – NexusTek, a national provider of managed IT services and full IT outsourcing solutions to small and medium size businesses, today announced the appointment of Scott Ray as Chief Operating Officer. Ray will be responsible for NexusTek’s overall service delivery, product development, internal IT, and integration functions.

“Scott is a proven executive and operational leader, and his experience over the years lends itself extremely well to our growth strategy,” said Bill Wosilius, NexusTek CEO.  “In addition to having led large business units through explosive growth, Scott understands what it takes to build a world-class customer service organization in the MSP space.  I’m excited to have him on the team.”

Ray will lead NexusTek’s operations into the future, focusing on operational efficiencies, as well as the continued integration and development of the company’s platform and customer-centric delivery model that scales nationally.

“I am excited to be part of the NexusTek team, whose diligence and commitment to better service and customer experience allow small and medium-sized businesses to focus on running their business instead of worrying about technology,” said Scott Ray. “I have always been passionate about customer satisfaction in the IT services industry, as it is one thing most service providers lack. The unfortunate truth is that most IT service providers are enamored with the technology and lose sight of the fact that customers just want IT to work for their business, regardless of the technology.”

Ray will join the company’s executive leadership team and report directly to Bill Wosilius, CEO.

Scott Ray is a seasoned executive in diverse areas of technology with a proven track record of leadership and delivering business results. Most recently, Ray was the Senior Vice President, Application and Business Management Services for TriZetto Corporation. Under Ray’s direction, these business units saw significant improvements in customer satisfaction and operational execution. At TriZetto, Ray led teams of 600 employees in operational delivery, P&L management and customer service. TriZetto was acquired by Cognizant Technology Solutions in November 2014, and Ray led the integration of TriZetto services into Cognizant Infrastructure Services post-acquisition.

Prior to TriZetto, Ray held a variety of executive positions for managed IT service provider Inflow, including general management, product development, product management, centralized operational delivery, service management, facilities management and sales management and execution.  Following Inflow’s acquisition by by SunGard Availability Services, Ray directed the integrations of various acquisitions from an operational delivery responsibility.  Scott has established and managed global teams effectively and led the operational launch of SunGard’s cloud services in 2012.  Prior to a life in Information Technology, Ray worked in aerospace on jets and rockets in a variety of engineering, client leadership, international joint ventures and management roles.

Scott Ray holds a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Degree from the University of Tennessee, and an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology. 

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NexusTek Acquires Houston-based IT Services Company, Notonsite

NexusTek Acquires Houston-based IT Services Company, Notonsite
NexusTek Acquires Houston-based IT Services Company, Notonsite

NexusTek Acquires Houston-based IT Services Company, Notonsite

Award-winning managed IT services leader reinforces regional support for customers, adds cloud, cyber security and network resources that strengthen national footprint.

Denver, CO; Houston, TX; Boston, MA (August 13, 2019) NexusTek today announced that it has acquired Notonsite, a cloud and IT services company based in Houston, TX.

Founded in 2010, Notonsite specializes in providing IT outsourcing, IT consulting and cloud services to small businesses. With this transaction, NexusTek inherits a strong presence in the Southwestern region of the United States and a company with which it shares many operational synergies. Like NexusTek, Notonsite works side-by-side with customers to design innovative, cost-effective IT solutions that bring together storage, virtualization, data protection and networking technologies from global leaders such as Cisco, Datto, Dell, Microsoft, Veeam and VMware.

As a certified Cisco Partner, a Microsoft Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider, NexusTek’s new addition brings added expertise in cloud assessment, design and implementation, managed hosting, private cloud, backup and disaster recovery, and business continuity. Also of note is the team’s expertise in working with premier platforms including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Cisco Meraki.

“Providing better services to businesses in local markets across the country is a distinct characteristic for NexusTek,” said Mike Hamuka, NexusTek CRO. “With Notonsite’s strong track record of ensuring business continuity, network performance and cloud services, this acquisition directly benefits customers by enhancing the scope and reach of NexusTek’s award-winning cloud, managed IT services and cyber security solutions.”

NexusTek is backed by Abry Partners, an experienced media, communications, business and information services-focused private equity firm with over $77 billion of leveraged transactions under its belt.

“What makes NexusTek unique is that it offers small businesses scalable, enterprise-grade services at a price point they can afford,” said Abry Partners Principal, James Scola. “This acquisition fortifies the company’s position as a national leader by providing more boots on the ground in key markets, extending its reach both regionally and across the country.”

“Over the past several years, NexusTek has thrived while other service providers have faded away due to their inability to scale,” said Alex Feuer Notonsite CEO. “We are excited to join this winning team. For our customers and businesses across the country, working with NexusTek will bring a peace of mind by knowing you’ve partnered with an elite managed IT services provider that can scale, and has an expert team and breadth of technology to support growth.”

For businesses that want the competitive advantage of working with a single partner that can manage and optimize their IT environments, NexusTek provides nationwide infrastructure, IT consulting and an all-encompassing portfolio to solve today’s problems and tomorrow’s needs.

With the acquisition of Notonsite, NexusTek strengthens and expands on its commitment to clients by providing strategic guidance and comprehensive support for small to mid-sized businesses. NexusTek’s expansive portfolio can be customized to address the full spectrum of an organization’s operational requirements. NexusTek’s cloud and managed services eliminate the administrative overhead and variable cost associated with cloud and IT environments; customers receive 24/7 monitoring of their IT environments and proactive responses to issues for a fixed monthly fee.

About NexusTek

Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses depend on NexusTek to manage and optimize their IT and cloud environments for business continuity, productivity, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With an all-encompassing services portfolio, infrastructure, high-touch personal attention and IT consulting expertise, NexusTek delivers true end-to-end, outsourced IT management to organizations nationwide.

An SSAE 16 SOC II certified company, NexusTek designs problem solving and efficiency-minded IT solutions that bring together storage, virtualization, unified communications and collaboration, data protection and networking technologies from the world’s foremost technology leaders. NexusTek Cloud Services offer the flexibility and control businesses need to be agile, and can address customers’ unique cyber security, business continuity, compliance and auditing requirements in cloud, hybrid or on-premise environments. NexusTek is the 2018 Channel Futures MSP of the Year, a CRN MSP Elite 250 list member and a perennial award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner. Unfettered visibility, 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, management and a true 24 hour staffed helpdesk, coupled with its comprehensive solutions portfolio and more than 22 years’ experience, empower NexusTek to deliver better services to customers, regardless of how their needs change.

About Abry Partners

Abry is an experienced and successful media, communications, and business and information services sector focused private equity investment firms in North America. Since their founding in 1989, they have completed over $82 billion of leveraged transactions (including many roll-up investment strategies) and other private equity, mezzanine or preferred equity investments.  Currently, they manage over $5.0 billion of capital in their active funds.

Because Abry brings deep industry insight to the investment process, they are able to quickly understand key issues, accurately assess opportunity, value, and risk, and bring relevant information to bear. They partner with skilled executives and invest significant capital to help build stronger companies and industry leaders.

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TECH TARGET: Managed Security Services Make Progress in SMB Sector

Managed security services make progress in SMB sector

TECH TARGET: Managed Security Services Make Progress in SMB Sector

Vendors have recognized the need to offer cost-competitive cyber security tools to empower MSPs and MSSPs with advanced threat detection tools to protect their customers. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses that entrust MSPs and MSSPs to provide them with security solutions can now rest assured – even as cyber threats increase and become more complex.

In a recent interview with Esther Schein on SearchITChannelNexusTek CTO, Randy Nieves explores the inherent complexity in effective monitoring and preventive cyber security programs. “With businesses now also opting for multiple providers for cloud and security, managing them has become more challenging. This has led to security becoming a specialty, with people getting CISSP certifications and starting managed security services practices,” Nieves noted.

Nieves’ interview with Tech Target dives into NexusTek’s industry-leading approach to cyber security and how managed IT services providers must adapt to this evolving landscape. Read on for Managed security services make progress in SMB sector.

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NexusTek Names Bill Wosilius Chief Executive Officer

NexusTek Names Bill Wosilius Chief Executive Officer

NexusTek Names Bill Wosilius Chief Executive Officer

Tenured executive brings 20 years’ IT services expertise and an extensive track record of accelerating growth and increasing profitability to award-winning MSP

Denver, CO – [August 6, 2019] – NexusTek, a leading national provider of managed IT services, today introduced Bill Wosilius as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Mr. Wosilius replaces Mike Jenner, who vacated the position in order to pursue other opportunities.

Mr. Wosilius brings more than 20 years’ experience to NexusTek and an impressive track record of building successful IT services practices by accelerating growth and profitability.

Prior to joining NexusTek, Wosilius spent five years as Vice President and General Manager of Global Technology Management Solutions for Optiv Security, the world’s largest pure-play cyber security systems integrator. Under his direction, the technology services line of business delivered solutions to over 5,000 clients, which included 70% of the Fortune 500, and executed 1,500 cyber technology projects per year while driving overall profitability for the business. During his tenure at Optiv, Wosilius grew the business both organically and inorganically, contributing to a highly successful recapitalization of the company with private equity firm, KKR.

From 2011 – 2013, Bill served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations at CoreSite, where he was responsible for all technology infrastructure, business applications, service delivery and other CIO functions for a $250M publicly-traded data center REIT. With Wosilius as one its top executives, CoreSite grew to become a national leader in the wholesale data center industry.

“For an MSP like NexusTek, which offers an all-inclusive managed IT services portfolio in a national footprint, there is unprecedented demand from businesses across the country,” said Bill Wosilius. “NexusTek is a nationally-recognized leader in managed IT that is uniquely positioned to provide businesses help in designing, deploying and managing their IT environments. Over the past year, I have watched NexusTek become a national platform that delivers best-in-class service to its clients, and I am honored to join this team.”

NexusTek was recapitalized by leading North-American private equity fund, Abry Partners, in December 2017.

Brian St. Jean, partner at Abry, said in a statement, “We are thankful for the significant contributions Mike Jenner has made to help develop NexusTek into a leading, national MSP during his time as CEO, and are elated to have such an able and experienced successor in Bill Wosilius. His remarkable track record as a leader and executive, and substantial operational expertise will be invaluable to NexusTek as the company continues on its growth trajectory.”

Wosilius began his two-decade-long career in IT services at Inflow, a national provider of data centers and managed IT services. Following the company’s acquisition by SunGard Availability Services in 2005, Wosilius oversaw numerous SunGard/Inflow integration initiatives. In 2009, he took over as Vice President of Operations for Critigen, leading a $25M global IT outsourcing business.

During his time at Accuvant, a Denver-based cybersecurity services firm he joined in 2014, Wosilius, in conjunction with the Blackstone Group (BX), directed the services due diligence and integration with FishNet Security to create Optiv, which at the time, was the world’s largest cyber private equity transaction.

“NexusTek has earned a reputation for providing small and medium-sized businesses with reliable, truly end-to-end outsourced managed IT services and an unyielding commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience,” said Bill Wosilius. “The company’s unyielding commitment to always delivering an exceptional customer experience has earned it a well-deserved reputation as a national leader.”

Prior to his career in the IT services industry, Mr. Wosilius served for eight years as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force and received his Bachelor of Science in management from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

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