5 Tips to Prioritizing IT Projects


5 tip to prioritizing IT projects

5 Tips to Prioritizing IT Projects

With a new year comes a new to-do list in terms of keeping your IT infrastructure working at its absolute best. There are many ways to approach an “order of operations” to the many IT projects you have planned. So, where do you start? Below we have listed a series of tips to assist in prioritizing your IT projects for the new year while making your business as productive, secure and effective as possible.

  • Take a look from a bird’s eye view. Look at the whole year and everything that needs to be completed by end-of-year. We tend to have a myopic view when focused on upcoming IT projects with lower regard to potential high priority projects that may be needed in the latter portion of the year. This is the reason that towards the end of the year, budgets get slim and sometimes IT projects get severely delayed or even canceled. Look at the overall impact these goals will have on your business and determine which levels of impact are most necessary. Your IT Provider should be your IT Consultant and they should come prepared with a multi-year strategy to your IT infrastructure.

  • Create a detailed and easily defined set of IT goals and match each IT project to one of those goals. Every project has an outcome that will help your efficiency, bottom line, productivity, or compliance of your business. Keep those in mind when prioritizing. Remember that some IT matters connect to compliance and security issues.

  • Cybersecurity, cybersecurity, cybersecurity. Before making changes in your IT infrastructure or engaging in major projects, look at the impact it will have on the cybersecurity or compliance of your business. Cybersecurity should be at the forefront of your mind when making these changes. Engaging with an IT provider is one of the best ways to ensure that all t’s are crossed, and i’s are dotted throughout the process. A managed service provider such as NexusTek will work with you to ensure your data is secure while optimizing productivity.

  • Emergencies Happen. Remember, when you are planning IT projects Murphy’s Law can still creep through. Work with a managed service provider for proactive IT management to mitigate risks of emergencies and to ensure that your budget is well planned for the entire year.

  • Communicate with your team regarding the upcoming IT projects that you have scheduled. Various projects can disrupt the work of some of your employees. Be sure to give them ample time to be prepared for potential changes. Many times, we cannot think of every process that a member of the team goes through daily. Use means such as surveys, observations that you may see within the business, and open-door policies to ensure that communication methods are open. Talk to your team in order to hear their concerns regarding technology and ask what could make their job easier. Remind yourself that they are the ones using technology to do their tasks at hand. Having a happy team means more productivity and retention for employees.

If you are unsure of where to start or have questions about the process, technology or goals that technology will help you achieve, schedule a strategy session with one of NexusTek’s technology experts. Click on the “Contact Us” link below and one of our strategic advisors will reach out.

NexusTek Appoints Chris Wheeler as Chief Financial Officer

NexusTek Appoints Chris Wheeler as Chief Financial Officer

Experienced technology executive brings leadership and a track record of financial excellence

DENVER, CO / January 20, 2020 / NexusTek, a national provider of managed IT services and full IT outsourcing solutions to small and medium size businesses, announced today the appointment of Chris Wheeler as Chief Financial Officer, replacing Corey Sisler who will be stepping down after over 3 years in the role.

Wheeler joins NexusTek as a tenured CFO, including nearly a decade as CFO at Hosting, a national provider of public/private cloud services. He brings extensive CFO experience in the industry and deep leadership credentials.

“Chris is a seasoned and proven CFO, and his extensive experience is exactly what NexusTek needs at this juncture of our growth curve” said Wosilius. “Chris has led businesses through similar situations, and he understands what it takes to build a strong accounting and finance organization. I couldn’t be happier to have him on our Executive team.”

Wheeler will lead NexusTek’s overall accounting, finance, procurement, and financial planning/analysis functions into the future, focusing on financial processes, controls, reporting, and cash management.

Mr. Wheeler said, “I am very excited to be part of the NexusTek team, and to help continue growing the business. The team has done a fantastic job becoming a national player in the MSP space, and the business is well positioned to be a market leader. I’m confident that trend will continue.”

Mr. Wheeler will join the company’s executive team, reporting to Mr. Wosilius.


A seasoned financial executive in the technology services industry, Chris Wheeler has a proven track record of executive leadership and delivering business results. Most recently, Chris was the Chief Financial Officer at Juniper Unmanned, a big data analytics and unmanned aerial sensing company based in Golden, CO. During his tenure, Chris spearheaded the company’s efforts to secure its largest Series A investment and its first debt financing. Additionally, Chris drove significant improvements in the company’s discipline and business analysis, establishing a foundation for growth across the organization.

Prior to Juniper Unmanned, Chris spent nearly a decade as Chief Financial Officer at Hosting, a $100M public/private cloud services provider. At Hosting, Chris provided executive leadership across Accounting, Business Operations, Financial Planning and Analysis, Human Resources and Legal functions to grow company revenues by 4X. Prior to Hosting, Chris held various operational and financial leadership roles at QTC Management and Inflow. Prior to entering the private sector, Chris served 10 years as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force as a C-130 instructor pilot, executive officer, and acquisitions officer.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management from the United States Air Force Academy, and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University.

About NexusTek

Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses depend on NexusTek to manage and optimize their IT and cloud environments for business continuity, productivity, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With an all-encompassing services portfolio, infrastructure, high-touch personal attention and IT consulting expertise, NexusTek delivers true end-to-end, outsourced IT management to organizations nationwide.

An SSAE 16 SOC II certified company, NexusTek designs problem solving and efficiency-minded IT solutions that bring together storage, virtualization, unified communications and collaboration, data protection and networking technologies from the world’s foremost technology leaders. NexusTek Cloud Services offer the flexibility and control businesses need to be agile, and can address customers’ unique cyber security, business continuity, compliance and auditing requirements in cloud, hybrid or on-premise environments. NexusTek is ranked as a top Managed Services Provider in North America on the MSPmentor 501 List, is a CRN MSP Elite 150 list member and award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner. Unfettered visibility, 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, management and a true 24 hour staffed helpdesk, coupled with its comprehensive solutions portfolio and more than 22 years’ experience, empower NexusTek to deliver better services to customers, regardless of how their needs change.

About Abry Partners

Founded in 1989, Abry has focused on media, communications, business and information services to become one of the most experienced private equity firms investing in North America and Europe. Since its founding, Abry has completed over $61 billion of transactions, representing investments in over 550 properties.

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Top 6 Questions to Ask About Outsourcing Your IT


top reasons outsourcing

Top 6 Questions to Ask About Outsourcing Your IT

When looking at your entire IT infrastructure, many companies choose to outsource their IT. There are several reasons for this, but collectively – budget savings and the convenience of domestically outsourcing reigns. When choosing between an internal IT team and outsourced IT support and managed services, you must look at all sides and determine what is best for your business. Companies will need to examine their environment and decide how to move forward. From IT help desk services to cyber security monitoring, outsourcing IT is often the best plan-of-action for preventing network issues and creating a proactive strategy for your IT infrastructure. By partnering with an IT Services company that has the ability to scale with your business, you are ensured that someone is available for your network 24/7/365. You will reap the benefits by having an entire team of IT professionals dedicated and ready to support your team.

Internal IT would consist of a team member (or members) responsible for Tier 1 Support, cybersecurity, computer/server repair, managing network infrastructure and several other components. Domestically outsourcing your IT will translate into hiring a team of dedicated experts, typically at a fraction of the cost. The choice of delegating responsibility to internal staff or outsourced to a managed service provider that has dedicated professionals within the IT industry has the potential to be one of your largest, and best, decisions for this year.

Before starting the decision-making process, businesses must look at the specific IT requirements and determine exact needs to satisfy those requirements. If you are unsure of what your needs are, NexusTek can do a network assessment to establish your business’ needs and components that would make it run more efficiently. A few important questions to ask yourself are:

If you are looking for solutions for your network, please contact us.
We would love to talk to you about the best strategy for your IT needs.

NexusTek Names Mark Richtermeyer as Vice President, Professional Services

Mark Richtermeyer VP Professional Services

NexusTek Names Mark Richtermeyer as Vice President, Professional Services

IT services leader will direct IT consulting, delivery practices and project management team

Denver, CO (January 7, 2020) – NexusTek, a national provider of managed IT services and full IT outsourcing solutions to small and medium size businesses, today announced the appointment of Mark Richtermeyer to lead and grow the consulting, delivery practices and project management teams.

“Mark is a proven entrepreneur, business leader and consulting expert in IT services,” said Scott Ray, NexusTek COO.  “In addition to starting and successfully running three of his own businesses over the last 20 years, Mark has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise in organizing and growing delivery practices in consulting and software development.   We are excited to have him join us, to further strengthen our executive team.”

Mr. Richtermeyer will lead NexusTek’s professional services teams into the future, focusing on exceptional service to our customers, building and growing the IT consulting practices our clients need to effectively run their businesses and organizing our project management efforts to continue smooth and efficient on-time implementation activities. The professional services division is NexusTek’s strategic arm in performing needed technology upgrades, cloud migrations, planned remediation and many more IT projects for their customer-base.

“I am excited to be part of the NexusTek team of professionals, whose diligence and commitment to better service and customer experience allow small and medium-sized businesses to focus on running their business instead of worrying about technology,” said Mark Richtermeyer. “This is a great opportunity to leverage my knowledge and experience in consulting, integrations and growing professional services organizations to continue to build NexusTek’s national presence, with a local feel and delivery.”

Mr. Richtermeyer will join the company’s executive leadership team and report directly to Scott Ray, COO.

Mark Richtermeyer is a seasoned senior executive and entrepreneur in IT consulting and software development across a range of business verticals including small and medium businesses as well as enterprise clients.  He has a proven track record of leadership and delivering business results. Most recently, Richtermeyer founded and led three consulting businesses; the Premios Group, specializing in oil and gas-focused software and consulting services, the Spitfire Group, focusing on high performance consulting and software development projects, and CCG Online, an ecommerce and digital marketing company acquired by iXL. Prior to running his own successful businesses, Richtermeyer held a variety of executive positions for Hitachi Consulting.

Mark Richtermeyer holds a BS degree in Accounting from the University of Wyoming and an MBA from the University of Colorado (Boulder). We are also honored to have a former military veteran join our ranks, as Mr. Richtermeyer was a Captain in the US Air Force and Air National Guard.  He also is a member of the National Ski Patrol and Larimer County Search and Rescue team, primarily focused on winter operations.

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Your 2020 IT Budget is More Than a Dollar Amount


it budgeting for 2020

Your 2020 IT Budget is More Than a Dollar Amount

Your 2020 IT Budget either has its number solidified or you are in the final stages of approvalThe challenge with your 2020 IT budget is less about the actual number assigned but rather about the projects and maintenance required to ensure your business either continues normal operations or enhances operations to achieve growth.  

First and foremost, your expectations should be defined to ensure you are using your IT budget at an optimal level. If your expectations are to get a new server and keep your operating systems up-to-date, then you are missing the mark. Your expectations should directly align with your 2020 strategic goals. For example, rather than an expectation of getting a new server your expectation should align with the “why” behind getting a new server and what will that upgrade will do for your business and your IT Infrastructure? Keeping your goals front-of-mind throughout your decision-making process is imperative. It makes it more about technology improving basic business processes and procedures rather than just another component of technology.  

From what we have experienced through years of helping businesses with their IT infrastructure, here are some areas that should be non-negotiables for your IT budget.  

  • Help Desk & NOC Services:
    Your business should be able to utilize its IT support at any time. The importance of having a help desk is immeasurable when faced with an outage or emergency, or even a password reset. When something happens and you need support, you need the backing of a team. Relying on a one–person or small team to support your entire network is a business risk with potential financial ramifications if downtime is accrued. You employees should have a team of tech professionals at their disposals if the need to contact them should arise. This should be the case regardless of disaster, weather, or regional peril.

  • Cybersecurity Assessment:
    As we saw in 2019, cyber criminals are developing more and more ways to infiltrate networks and commit sometimes business-ending situations. Ransomware is at an all-time high and there seems to be no end in sight. It is imperative to know what or who is in your IT infrastructure. A true cybersecurity assessment will detail any holes in your environment and can discover vulnerabilities.
    Be proactive by securing your network and ensuring you have a partner in keeping your business protected. At NexusTek, we proactively monitor our clients’ networks 24/7/365. Protecting your business and data should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to budgeting. For more information on how you can ensure a high-level of security, contact us at the link below.

  • Business Continuity:
    In the event of an emergency like a natural disaster or cybersecurity attack, your business needs to be able to continue with daily operations. Having your data backed up to the cloud with the option to spin up a replicated instance of vital systems will heavily reduce downtime when faced with an emergency. Let’s face the fact that life happens and downtime will occur in one shape or another.

  • Patch Management:
    Ensuring that operating systems are running at the correct speeds and as efficiently as possible is another area that should not be overlooked. Software patches keep systems compatible with other technologies and ensure that all components of your IT infrastructure are communicating effectively. In addition, the patches that companies like Microsoft employ are vital in maintaining the security of your network. Have a specific rollout plan assigned to your tracked assets is a “meets minimum” requirement. If any server, laptop, firewall, switch or any other device is not properly patched, your IT team should know about it in real-time to address that vulnerability.

  • Productivity by Moving to The Cloud:
    Is your business using technology to improve your bottom line and overall productivity on a daily basis? If not, there should be room in the budget for 2020. Ensuring that your business can be accessed from remote locations and is backed up to the cloud provides optimal productivity. From private cloud to public cloud, NexusTek has solutions for all cloud needs. For most businesses, migrating a physical server (more often it is a legion of servers) to the cloud is one of the most cost-efficient and scalable IT upgrade your business can employ. By creating a predictable cost-model to host all your applications while removing the need to maintain physical hardware is a question of “when” rather than “if.” At NexusTek, our account managers are always looking out for ways to make our clients’ daily processes more effective.

NexusTek helps clients with developing a technology plan that goes along with projected budgets. For more information on how to improve and secure your business in 2020 with the use of technology, Contact Us!