7 Top Reasons We Love Teams Over Other Communication Platforms

When it comes to remote collaboration, businesses are being forced to make quick and, often, rash decisions to keep their productivity from slipping. While necessity dictates action, it is important to make an informed decision when it comes to communications. Choosing the right video/voice conferencing solution can be the catalyst to having an efficient and productive remote workforce.

If you search the industry you will find a myriad of video conferencing options. The features, advantages and benefits of a conferencing platform range, but many offer top-of-line options.  A popular choice for many businesses seems to be Zoom, but we urge you to do your research prior to making a decision to utilize this tool. And luckily, many of you already have access to an industry leading video communication platform…Microsoft Teams.

At NexusTek, we are a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Teams is our communication platform of choice, but don’t take our word for it. Read on to see the top reasons to use Microsoft Teams over Zoom:

  • With a remote workforce being in place, accessibility to files, coworkers and communication methods is necessary. Teams allows you to log in from anywhere and with a couple clicks, be able to work remotely.
  • Microsoft Teams can integrate with a vast variety of other Microsoft tools, increasing the ease of use of your technology stack and promoting a more collaborative remote workplace.
  • Microsoft Teams provides increased transparency on an organizational level. Activities are tracked and can be seen on a higher level.

Don't Make a Rash Decision, Choose Microsoft Teams Today

  • Microsoft Teams brings all components (chats, meetings, calls, files, and tools) of a workplace together and allows for collaboration. It is not just another videoconferencing software. In fact, video conferencing is a feature and benefit of the solution, but not the complete solution itself.
  • As you add new members to your team, Microsoft Teams makes the introduction and transition into the business more simplified. This ensures that new employees are up to speed in a faster manner.
  • With Teams, productivity and collaboration efforts and levels are maximized. Teams allows you to find content from any previous conversation or any file on the drive.
  • TEAM HAPPY HOUR! Let’s admit it, most of us miss our coworkers. Teams allows you to have happy hour with your team, even when working remotely. Just grab a glass of wine, beer, soda or water and have a seat at your computer.

When making decisions for your business, it is important to consider many things, but perhaps the most important are security, productivity, and efficiency. Microsoft Teams beats Zoom to no avail when it comes to those components. See for yourself, contact NexusTek at the link below.

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