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Agriculture IT Solutions

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NexusTek is the premier choice of the agricultural and produce community in the United States

We serve hundreds of agriculture customers every year. That means NexusTek serves more produce growers, packers, and distributors than every other IT company in North America.

Reliability, performance, and mobility–from field to fork, IT never stops evolving.
Neither should your business.

In recent years, the cost and complexity of the technology that produce companies need to stay ahead of the competition has grown exponentially. With the stakes in this competitive industry so high, business leaders must now be a part of major IT decisions for their company.

How do we do it?

We integrate on-premises infrastructure, cloud computing, and custom programming, allowing us to create a tailored solution for each business to help maximize traceability, increase competitive agility, and ensure rigorous quality control. What’s more, our customizable software products, including Key Central and Key Central Warehouse, integrate fully with Famous. Our integrations help you enable total mobility, streamline your operations, and link islands of data throughout your organization.

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