“With all the new innovation in the cloud or mobile computing, on one hand, it creates a tremendous opportunity to use technology in your business and on the other hand, it adds complexity. That has been a continued pattern in our marketplace and we are charged with bridging that gap for our clients.” – Mike Jenner, CEO at NexusTek

When processes get in the way of engaging customers and prospects quickly and with accuracy, no matter how in-demand your product or service, business growth will suffer.

Companies are leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (CRMOL) to create efficiency in their operations. The benefits of this “inside out” approach to interacting with customers has led to dramatic increases in the adoption rates of CRM over the years.


Case Study 1: Campground/Hot Springs in Colorado Move from Proprietary System on Microsoft Access to Microsoft Dynamics CRMOL for Custom Reservation

The client has a thriving business in the recreation/destination space and books 120 members each day for 20 hot springs, campgrounds, and cave exploration activities. With a membership-based business model, the company has 10 employees and a board of directors.

The Challenge: Manual Processes Susceptible to Human Error

The client had a unique challenge with a proprietary system built on Microsoft Access to manage memberships, member reservations, and accounting processes. Check-in activities involved 10 different forms and manual processing of data for fees, product sales, all reservation information, and accounting.

The unique component for this client involved reservation records through a membership business model. Nightly updates were conducted and submitted in a paper report by groundskeepers who walked the property, recording camp spots, license plates, maintenance issues, etc.

In addition to the manual processes, the company was operating a “server in a closet” infrastructure that was unreliable and bogged down by paperwork. The hopes of expanding the business as land acquisition progressed, required a fully-automated system.

The Solution: Fully Cloud-Based Operation

NexusTek implemented migration between Microsoft Access and Dynamics CRM Online (CRMOL) to launch a fully cloud-based operation for the private recreational facility. The Dynamics team also designed entities within the CRM platform for “reservations” and “households” to designate account records as members and non-members, engaging a fully-automated reporting process.

Project Results:

  • The campground organization now has the automation in place for camp groundskeepers and other employees to log information and activities from a mobile device (BYOD within CRM) replacing paper reports.
  • Implementing an automated reporting system has reduced errors dramatically and offers visibility to reports for expansion planning.
  • Future capabilities: Moving to Dynamics CRMOL will allow the growing organization  an opportunity to advance plans of a customer portal for reservations, payments and memberships information through their website.

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Case Study 2:  Mapping Company Leverages CRMOL to Integrate and Automate a Complex Business Model

NexusTek’s client provides GPS, GIS and wireless solutions for field data collection. Working mainly with Google and Microsoft, a majority of their business is with government. The company includes four entities and approximately 50 employees who manage software, devices and data for subsidiaries.

The Challenge:

Operations in Four Different Locations

The company found the use of outdated equipment and applications to be inefficient and ineffective for managing the complexities of their business. With multiple locations and a handful of proprietary business applications built into their system, they were in need of an overall update leveraging new technologies for efficient collaboration and increased production through automation.

Contributing to accuracy issues and slowed processes were the many “hands” involved in every process of business operations, coupled with the lack of automated reporting necessary to regularly analyze the business operations.

The true challenge: The four companies function independently yet are dependent on each other for the success of the company. The transfer and collaboration between all entities is slow and flawed. The need to streamline operations is critical for the company’s future success.

The Solution: Leverage CRMOL – O365, Skype for Business and Outlook

NexusTek implemented Dynamics CRM Online, replacing all of the existing applications to integrate and automate processes. The functionality of moving to the cloud-based service works well to limit the “hands” involved in managing the complexity of activities.

The solution involved a project manager, a functional consultant, and data/technical consultant to implement a migration between GoldMine, an 18-year old CRM system (difficult to get data) to Microsoft Dynamics and a two-way integration between Dynamics CRM and QuickBooks.

The complexity of this project called for a full design phase with implementation using an agile project approach (phase-by-phase versus waterfall) – due to the age of the existing system. This approach allowed for customization in real-time and took into account the learning curve of users on a new system.

Project Results:

  • Using two third party applications to incorporate a configuration tool and a platform for marketing automation, the mapping company can collect and track information and activities linked to customers, partners and prospects.
  • With on premise and off-premise (field) operations of four different entities, now operations function efficiently using a fully integrated system that includes mobile device applications accessing all information updated in real time.
  • Moving to a full-integrated, automated system, the company was able to increase revenue by reallocating resources to other areas of their business operations.

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