Tech trends, denver IT companyAs we get to the end of the first quarter of 2015, we’re looking back a bit at some of the predicted IT tech trends for the year and highlighting some that we have found particularly applicable to our clients.

1. Abandon or Reduce On-Premises Technology

Over the last 15 years, the way small business operates has changed markedly. Most offices – small or large – likely have a ridiculous variety of desktops, printers, monitors, servers, and network switches and other technology paraphernalia. But clearly, the cost of buying and maintaining all that hardware impacts the bottom line.

For some small businesses, it will make sense to get rid of as much on-premises technology as possible and rely on the cloud instead. Others will need to figure out which IT functions they can move to the cloud to reduce complexity and cost in a way that complements their on-premises equipment and software.

2. Increased Cloud Backup and Recovery

An obvious area of expense and internal resources is backup and disaster recovery. Many small businesses will look to the cloud for data backup, data recovery, data archiving, and disaster recovery. Companies that are exploring those types of services should keep these two issues in mind: the cost of the service, and how rapidly the cloud provider can deliver your data when a recovery is necessary.

We do recommend that small businesses should not rely completely on the cloud to safeguard them in the event of a disaster. It’s wise to keep a local copy of the most recent backup.

3. Mobile Technology is a Must

As younger workers enter the workforce, they demand the ability to run business applications via smartphones. Similarly, bosses and staff who own the latest tablets or smartphones want to use them at work. Make no mistake, this is not really a trend, but a new reality.

A growing majority of SMBs regard mobile solutions as essential business enablers with 60 percent saying mobile solutions are critical to business. Mobile solutions also account for a growing share of small business technology budgets when we compare findings over the past four years.

4. Increased Security Awareness

While cloud computing paves the way to greater functionality and lower costs, it can also open the doors to outside attack. We’ve all seen the news reports on the seemingly daily security data breaches. So, no matter what the size, businesses must pay more attention than ever to security. But we recommend a holistic view. Security Awareness Training is particularly important in a cloud-based world. It helps make staff aware of attack avenues such as various scams that entice employees to click on a link or to open a document that gives the bad guys an all-access pass to your company data.


For these or any of your IT concerns, let NexusTek show you what’s best for your organization.


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