We talk to people all day, every day about what they want – and don’t want – from their IT services and Managed Services Provider (MSP). And every so often, we find ourselves talking with people who are hesitant about outsourcing. Sometimes it’s simply too difficult for them to step back from managing day-to-day operations to evolve the IT infrastructure. Other times, they have clear and specific concerns. Here’s what we tell them:

1. Outsourcing must be more expensive, right?

Over the last several years, we’ve seen that with the adoption of cloud computing, costs have now shifted from capital expenses to operational expenses. Successful and proven MSPs package their infrastructure, application, and support services into a predictable monthly fee.  In fact, the single most important tactical reason for outsourcing IT management is to reduce and control operating costs. Especially for small-medium businesses (SMBs) that try to do everything in-house, they may incur 25 to 30% higher direct and indirect costs of internal, dedicated resources.

2. It is less secure!

This fact is quite the opposite. Certified MSPs are experts at mitigating risk security, business continuity, and disaster recovery. As security threats grow in quantity and complexity, companies need expert help identifying the most important threats and effectively preventing them. A great feature of outsourcing IT – you don’t have to be a security expert or even employ one! MSPs help mitigate this risk through 24×7 monitoring, maintenance, multiple geographically dispersed data centers and expert consultation.

3. We’re sure that service levels will be lower than in-house.

Even if you do have knowledgeable and qualified IT professionals on staff, with a limited number of resources, it would not be reasonable to have them monitor your IT environment every hour of the day, and every day of the year. Qualified MSPs have the tools and staff to do this, can foresee serious issues with your IT environment and can fix them before downtime occurs. In addition, they would be able to advise you on necessary upgrades to avoid any future downtime.

Are your servers more than three years old? Are you using an operating system that is no longer supported? MSPs can also take care of day-to-day tasks such as software updates and patches, anti-virus updates, data backups, and inventory auditing and control.

4. We are too small. Only big companies outsource IT.

This is the biggest misconception of all. SMBs typically have limited resources as an organization and also have limits to the type of things that can be accomplished in an IT context. Offloading IT support to a third-party will free-up internal resources that can be allocated to processes that can expand your business.

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