The success and efficiency of your business can be directly linked to your business’ technology footprint. Interestingly, when most think about business technology they think of servers, laptops, firewalls, etc… But, an equally important part of your business’ technology are the humans that are servicing that technology.

Constant evaluation of your current IT Services Provider is crucial to your business’ continued success.

Here are some quick topics that your business should always be evaluating with your Managed Service Provider:

1. Was Your IT Contract Written on a Napkin?

Not many people like reading through a contract. Throw in the already confusing world of Business IT and the contract can become a little confusing. Here are some talking points to make sure your IT Contract will fit your business’ needs:

  1. How long is your contract? Is there a month-to-month option?
  2. What services are included/excluded? What are the fees associated with the excluded services?
  3. What is the company’s service level commitment to your IT needs and what if those commitments are not met?
  4. Is there a 24x7x365 commitment?

2. The “Keys” to Your Castle

Change is inevitable…passwords will change, new software will be installed, new servers
will be implemented, etc… But, if your IT Professional or IT Service Provider does not supply you with constant updates, it could turn into a headache a year or two down the line.

Here are some examples of the “keys” you should have periodically updated from your IT Provider:

• Admin Passwords, licensing deadlines and update schedules
• Updated Network Diagram
• Documentation of changes, upgrades on new equipment and warranties

3. My IT Guy/Gal Knowns Everything & Everyone

Let’s be blunt here, a personal touch is a great perk. If you have a great IT Professional that
really knows your business and everyone in the building, it may seem like a dream come true. But, that is usually the best case scenario not taking into account sick days, vacation days, multiple IT issues, etc… that may arise. Unfortunately, 1 person can’t be everywhere. And neither can 2 people…the goal should be to get the same level of service from a company that has 25+ engineers to handle those unforeseen situations.

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4. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do…or Not

The hassle associated with changing IT companies or switching from a single IT employee to an IT company can definitely be real. That is…if you DON’T choose wisely. Ask questions like the following:

  • New technology (i.e. Cloud Services, IaaS, Cloud Back-ups, etc…)
  • What would happen during an emergency (i.e. Ransomware Cyber Attack, ISP Outage, Email Outage, etc…)
  • How many similar-sized companies have you onboarded?
  • How many engineers are on staff to take my phone call if I need support?


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