Our series “Ask the Engineer,” will focus on areas of technology that often stop business owners and their staff in their tracks. We will put the most common (and not-so-common) tech questions in front of our IT service experts in this series. These questions can be urgent issues (if you’re experiencing one of those “urgent issues” right now, message us so we can help you– contact us HERE), or a variety of “how does this work” questions. We are all stumped by technology at times, especially those issues with Cloud Technology and IT Security.

NexusTek’s expert IT Consultants are sensitive to the fact that our clients rely on technology to perform at optimal levels and we will not make you feel embarrassed for asking the most basic technology questions. Although you don’t need to know everything about your technology, understanding a little will make you and your staff more productive!

We want to include your question in our next blog!

This first post in “Ask the Engineer” will focus on The Cloud. So, we asked Tim Kline, our Senior Remote Services Manager, the most commonly asked questions:

Q: Is the Cloud safe?

Tim K: Most business owners are very clear on one thing; the cloud is a necessary part of today’s business technology. In one sentence…the Cloud is only as safe as your policies and procedures. Your people are the key to security. We have found that most businesses are understanding that cloud services are the future for their business. It makes business easier, cheaper and more efficient. We build strong multi-level strategies to give companies the best possible defense to secure their data. Some companies have learned the hard way – wanting all the benefits of cloud technology without a strong foundation of implementing policies and procedures. That being said, nothing is fool proof. Our engineers research the latest IT Security events  (malware and ransomware attacks) as well as well-informed on the latest cybercrimes. My team truly feels – on the security front – that we have your back.


Q: What do most business owners want to put in The Cloud?

Tim K: What you decide, as a business owner, to apply or store in the Cloud depends on your business goals. Do you need data available for your team to access whenever they need or wherever they are located? Is your business held to standards of regulatory compliance and reporting? Are your 2017 business objectives focused on increasing the productivity of your team members? These are all questions to be answered before deciding what you want to “put” in the cloud.

Whether you are currently using cloud services and want to explore other options or you’re moving to the cloud, the transition takes some forethought and the right partner to plan and implement.


Q: How does migrating to the cloud work – in layman’s terms?

Tim K:  Moving a business to the Cloud is something we do every day. Transitioning data and other business elements to Cloud Services, although it is a common occurrence in today’s business environment, takes a specific knowledge base. Considerations include — but are not limited to — privacy, portability, data integrity, business continuity, and security.

Once your migration (or transition) is complete, your provider should share with you full documentation with a complete description of your infrastructure, policies and procedures that incorporate best practices for IT security, and a current log of all engineer activities.

We go further than most MSP’s with our branded QBR (Quarterly Business Report) – this is an asset to your business and your property as a NexusTek client.


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