I’m sure you’re well aware of all the negative buzz around Cyber Security and how businesses have been targeted because they would be more willing to “pay the ransom.”

With all the questions and concerns circling offices, we decided to come up with 2 of the Top Questions businesses want the answer to about the Cloud & Cyber Security.

Choose the one question below that speaks to your curiosity. Then click on the link to get the answer:

1. If I can access my data from anywhere with the Cloud, doesn’t that mean it is easier for hackers to access my data too?

2. When migrating my data to the Cloud, is there a security risk to my sensitive data during the migration process?

And…to lighten the day, try to answer the riddle below. Click on the riddle to get the answer:

You have two fuses of equal length and a box of matches. The fuses each take 1 hour to burn and, when lit, burn at unequal intervals (i.e. it could take 5 minutes to burn 95% of the fuse and 55 minutes to burn 5%…the intervals are unknown). Using ONLY the two fuses and the box of matches, how would you tell when exactly 45 minutes have elapsed?

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