Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online just got a whole lot more connected. Microsoft has recently released an extension to their Dynamics CRM Online system called Social Insights. This extension enables sales and marketing teams to quickly access company and contact data, insights, and connections about their customers and prospects.  The underlying data is powered by Inside View and comes from 30,000 financial, media, and social sources.  Best of all, this information is available from within your Dynamics CRM Online application for free.  Yes, free! The data includes millions of accounts and contacts including email addresses and phone numbers, each of which can be synchronized to your Dynamics CRM Account or Contact record with a single click.  Data also includes financial information, SEC Filings, company family trees, industry profiles, and more.

Insights include breaking news (like funding, expansion, and leadership changes, etc.), Social buzz (Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter), and social profiles of decision makers (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).  The Connections functionality aggregates your (and your co-workers) connections from Outlook, Linked In, and Facebook to provide warm introductions to target prospects.
You can use Social Insights to accelerate sales in many ways:

  • Enrich records and keep your data clean with one-click sync in CRM.NexusTek, Managed IT Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Quickly qualify and route leads with accurate company information.
  • Get alerts about sales opportunities by tracking your prospects with a Watchlist.
  • Prepare for customer calls by scanning Company Insights and Social Buzz.
  • Get your prospects’ attention with access to professional and social profiles.
  • Open doors and close more deals by tapping into all of your Connections.
  • Discover upsell and cross-sell opportunities by monitoring your customers.

All it takes is a Dynamics CRM Online Professional license to get started.  Simply download and install the solution, click a few buttons to enable the data synchronization feature, and then interact with the Social Insights functionality on your Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity records in Dynamics CRM Online.  Dynamics CRM On-Premise customers can subscribe to similar functionality for a fee. More information can be found at What are you waiting for? If your organization needs assistance with accessing data, insights, and connections for your customers and prospects, please contact the experts at NexusTek at 303.773.6464 or at

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