You’re a small to medium-sized company. You are buried with the general management of your day-to-day business, with responsibilities ranging from closing deals to strategic planning for growth. You are working 50-60 hours a week and thinking about many of the following:

  • Are revenue and profit meeting expectations?
  • Expenses– are we spending wisely?
  • How is our region and industry faring economically?
  • What is my competitor doing better?

It is no simple task to maintain daily operations while these big-picture questions underpin the survival of your company. So, we understand why you’re up at night.

We also understand that you do not want to worry about your IT.

Here are a few issues, adding to all you have to manage, that become an annoyance worth outsourcing to a managed IT service provider:

  1.      We are growing but how do we “grow” our information technology?

Is it time to expand your IT department? Many organizations can’t afford enough full-time IT staff to deal with updating business and productivity applications or the ongoing optimization and management of their IT environment. This is where outsourcing to a managed service provider (MSP)will save time and money for the small and medium-sized business. An experienced MSP can take care of your immediate IT and network support needs, monitor your IT environment, and provide ongoing consulting to help you plan for the future.

  1.      We have 30 employees – all using various devices and smartphones

How do we ensure our information is secure while taking full advantage of the great things mobile technology has to offer for business? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can get tricky when employees are so accustomed – and attached to – their personal smartphones and tablets. When moving to a BYOD business model a host of factors must be addressed, including privacy controls, best practice security policies, and complete integration with the company’s email, archiving, and web security. We develop appropriate policies, procedures, and controls to get the most out of your mobility plan while mitigating your exposure to the risk associated with the ever-changing digital ecosystem. The benefit of working with an IT partner is that they can develop a custom technology solution to support and enable a strategy leveraging all that is good about mobility.

  1.      Do we really need to have a “Disaster Recovery” plan?

Considering that any interruption to normal business operations will negatively your strategic objectives, a Disaster Recovery Plan is insurance that you cannot live without. Computer crashes, theft and vandalism, employee errors, power surges or outages, the increasing occurrence of virus and ransomware attacks…all threaten your revenue, reputation, and business continuity. A Disaster Recovery Plan is as essential as life insurance. Outsourcing the burden of IT allows your MSP to take care of your IT needs so you can focus on your business.


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