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Managing Document Processes When You’re Getting Bigger, Faster & Stronger

Managing Document Processes When You’re Getting Bigger, Faster & Stronger

Every organization relies on repetitive tasks to accomplish business goals. And when you put the right information in the right hands at the right time, staff can make better decisions that impact your organization’s bottom line.

NexusTek’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution transforms how organizations control and process information, making it possible to:

  • Manage millions of documents
  • Retrieve what you need in seconds
  • Share documents with colleagues while protecting confidential information
  • Eliminate manual data entry, document naming and document filing
  • Provide staff with the information they need to quickly make decisions
  • Back up files and records for disaster recovery

With an ECM system, information is stored in a secure, digital repository, and accessible from any device by anyone with predetermined authorization. Robust full-text search and indexing allows users to find a document using keywords, metadata, annotations and file names.

When it comes to document-based processes like contract renewal, hiring, and invoice approval, there are many ways an ECM system can help your organization work faster and more effectively. Documents can then be automatically routed to the appropriate people for review or approval.

To simplify operations even further, you can implement electronic forms, which transform manual, paper-based processes by making forms digital from the moment they’re filled out.

ECM automation varies according to your business processes – saving money and time.

  • Reduce time spent processing invoices
  • Automate human resources and accounts payable processes and save on in-house hiring costs
  • Reduce time spent on closing contracts and opening new accounts from a few weeks to a few hours

We invite you schedule a free demo and consultation with a NexusTek ECM expert. Our expert advice can help your organization become more informed and more efficient than ever before.