Sometimes even in business, we need a playground. A place where we can roam free where what we do has no effect on “real life.” This is especially true for important applications that are intrinsic to our company’s success like our CRM system. Microsoft has considered this, and now, when you need room in your Dynamics CRM 2013 for development, testing, training or practicing, Dynamics CRM 2013 gives you a free non-production environment as well as additional free storage space. Now you don’t have to worry about disturbing your live system with untested updates or inexperienced users who may be including data incorrectly.

With Dynamics CRM Online 2013 (Fall 2013 Update), new customers with 25 or more Professional licenses can take advantage of this non-production environment; customers with fewer than 25 Professional licenses can purchase a non-production instance for $150 per month. Existing customers with 25 or more Professional licenses will automatically receive the additional instance when they are upgraded to CRM Online 2013. Administrators can set up security groups to control which instances (production and non-production) each user can access.

Another fantastic upgrade included in Dynamics CRM 2013 is additional storage space. As we know, when a company expands, additional users generally means more data and therefore more storage space is required. Microsoft recognizes this, and automatically increases storage as users are added for no additional cost; for every increment of 20 Professional licenses purchased, Microsoft will increase your storage by 2.5 GB up to 50 GB. For example, an organization with 80 licenses would have 15 GB of storage (5 GB + 2.5 GB for each set of 20 licenses) included in their subscription.

Microsoft will automatically add the storage to qualifying organizations’ subscriptions once they are upgraded to Dynamics CRM 2013 Online. Customers who need more storage than their subscription provides can purchase additional storage for $10 per month per GB. Please note that if licenses are later canceled to levels below the thresholds described above, Microsoft will decrease the free storage limits.

For more details, please see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Pricing and Licensing Quick Reference Guide available here.

If your organization needs assistance with making the most of a non-production instance or additional storage for your Dynamics CRM Online subscription, please contact the experts at NexusTek at 303.773.6464 or

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