7NewsNexusTek is in the news!

Channel 7News Denver featured a segment about a crime, a laptop, and the company that helped catch a suspect – NexusTek! Here is the link to the original article along with the segment which aired on 7News Denver.

With a combination of technology and social media, NexusTek was able to help our client get back their stolen laptop.

Since our client subscribes to our Asset Management Services, special software had been loaded onto the equipment in order to monitor its health and to easily deliver remote support. As soon as we were notified by our client, NexusTek was able to remotely acquire alerts from the equipment to know when it was being used, and then to snap photos of the suspect as he used the stolen laptop.

These monitoring services also allowed us to determine the public IP address of the laptop when the suspect was on the Internet, then request the physical location of the IP address from the ISP. Additionally, using a public GPS service on the Internet, we were able to find out the laptop’s geographical coordinates. Through our advanced support technology we were able to view the laptop remotely and acquire the suspect’s name and email address when he logged into his Facebook account. Amazingly, the photos of the suspect’s apartment we captured from the laptop’s webcam looked just like the pictures he had posted of his apartment on his public Facebook page!1501

Using the information provided, Police tracked Nicholas Vaughn, 27, of Denver, CO, to an apartment complex near South Dahlia Street and E. Mississippi Avenue.

Because of NexusTek, our client, and our police force, Vaughn has been apprehended. He has a long criminal history, and has been charged with theft, burglary and possession of burglary tools.

If your organization is interested in NexusTek’s Asset Management Services, contact us at 303-773-6464, or at http://www.nexustek.com/contact-us/.

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