Businesses are booming in today’s economy. In October 2016, Business Insider reported, “[US] employment growth in service sectors such as healthcare, education, and professional business services rose by 67,000 last month.” We have more than enough technological resources, information, and opportunities to be successful in business. At the same time, it’s overwhelming to business leaders who need to make quick decisions on the right technical resources that fit their business objectives.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2002 and a leader in the IT Services industry for more than 20 years in Colorado and Arizona, NexusTek finds the best solutions for our clients based on research. In this blog, we’ve gathered some informative data on the cost versus the benefits of deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business.


Microsoft Embraces Cloud Technology with Dynamics 365

Here are 3 reasons the time is right to do a Cost/Benefit Analysis on Dynamics 365.

Digital Workforce – CRM adoption is at an all time high due to today’s workforce of technically savvy users.

Cloud Technology – The once feared “Cloud” is now a common element in strong business strategies.

Level Playing Field for the SMBCloud technology has opened up a world of opportunity for small and mid-sized businesses with cost-effective, enterprise-level business solutions.

Cost Consideration of Dynamics 365 Deployment                                                               

  • Licensing – Plans for SMB and Enterprise
  • Users – Categorized in terms of “light” and “full”
  • Platform integration needs – NexusTek SME migration
  • Technology Requirements – Network and software upgrades

Immediate Benefits of Dynamics 365: Month 1

  • 40% less per month subscription fee than top CRM competitor
  • Deployment in days vs weeks (in some cases, up and running within 24 hours)
  • Integration with O365, Sharepoint, Azure, Outlook, Excel, OneDrive, Skype, and many more business apps
  • Microsoft customer service
  • In-depth training

Benefits of Dynamics 365: Month 2 and Beyond

  • Close More Deals – Sales team can close more deals with informed conversations based on insights and analytics.
  • Customer Insights – Employees can embed customer insights into applications enabling informed conversations based on predictive insights.
  • Informed Decisions with Visibility – Management can track all activities and create reports with data gathered from all departments.
  • Business Intelligence – Power BI offers deep insights to your most valuable asset, your people.



The top categories of the business benefits experienced and percentage of improvements from Dynamics CRM (365) deployments

    • 62% – Better tracking of customer information, such as their requests, issues and contact details
    • 62% – Better management of leads, opportunities and sales pipeline
    • 60% – Faster response times to customer needs
    • 56% – Improved views into individual’s and team’s performance

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