Denver has recently been ranked among the lowest of 125 most populated metro areas in the country for their data speed.

A few categories the study focused on were: Overall performance, network reliability, network speed, and data performance.

 1. Data Speed Matters More Than Ever In Denver

As Denver grows, so does the city’s network traffic. If you are not optimizing your infrastructure to keep up with growth, you will get left in the dust. Sluggish internet speeds will have a major effect on productivity and can damage your reputation with current and potential customers.

Depending on what industry you serve, your “need for speed” will vary. If your business requires complex software packages residing in the “Cloud” or if your employees or customers require streaming media, internet speed is your lifeline to a healthy bottom line. And, this need will only increase in the coming years.


Here are just a few factors that affect your internet speed:

1. Firewall Setup, Hardware, Firmware Updates

2. Quality of your Hardware (router or modem)
3. Amount of Network Traffic
4. Broadband connection
5. Your Internet Service Provider


Wondering how your business ranks for internet download and upload speed?

Email us at: and use the subject line “need for speed test” and we will test it for you!

 2.The Need for Speed: Your Competitive Edge

Time is one of the most valuable commodities. In a digital world, if a customer can’t download, upload or access your web page in a reasonable amount of time, your name or brand will be automatically associated with old technology and frustration.

25, 50, 100 mbps…what is the impact on your business? What if you took an honest look at the amount of time wasted when your connection is slow or randomly drops signal. It might be too much information for some, but for those interested in getting that slightest edge over their competitor, it becomes a worthy focus. But, just simply upgrading your internet speed with your Internet Service Provider is often not enough. If your infrastructure is not able to utilize the upgrade, you may not see a change at all.

The Challenge: The next time a project comes to a halt because your computer is “loading”, an application freezes up or your signal completely drops off, glance at the clock and jot down the time. Look at our infographic below for a formula on how to convert that lost time into real dollars lost.

To learn more about estimating loss for downtime, take a look at our Business Downtime Infographic: 


3. Don’t Settle for Less Denver Businesses!

There has been recent positive news about Denver: the best lifestyle, progressive culture, a real estate market on fire and innovation in the tech startup market!
But, the recent articles that have made headlines, locally, raised awareness of Denver’s less than stellar network performance.

So, the news of Denver ranking “dead last” for data speed was a shot in the arm for the 21st largest city in the U.S. As your partner in IT and experts in any IT, we can confidently say, “It doesn’t have to be this way for Denver businesses!”

Here are examples of how RootMetrics ranks Denver: Reliability: 84th, Speed: 125th, Data: 124th, Overall: 119th

If you’re wondering what can be done, we know the secret. We help Denver businesses excel when it comes to network performance!

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