Whether you are a small, growing business or a larger, more established company, you’ll find yourself in a situation where outsourcing is key. It might be components of your HR or payroll functions, or perhaps marketing and sales related tactics to help generate revenue. But more than likely, if you’re a small to medium size business, you’ll need to outsource some of your IT needs. Consulting, training & support or custom tailored Microsoft Office tools, an experience IT partner can lighten your load considerably.

We’re fortunate to have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of companies that recognize the value of outsourcing. We’ve also worked with companies who originally worked with much larger IT organizations under the false notion that “bigger is better.”

Myth #1: “A small IT vendor just won’t have the resources.”

Let’s flip this around and say that a “large” vendor doesn’t automatically guarantee adequate resources. How often are your talking with your “CIO”? Are you having regular meetings? Are they keeping you updated on new system upgrades and new technologies in general? Are they proactive? You can have all the employees you want, but if they aren’t efficient, what’s the point in having more?


Myth #2: “A small vendor won’t be nearly as tech savvy.”

Again, a larger team doesn’t necessarily mean smarter. A truly great IT partner will continually invest in their staff to ensure their services are delivered by the most experienced and expert professionals available. Large or small, we encourage companies to find out if the IT partner’s tech teams: a) Pass rigorous technical exams and business assessments based on current Microsoft product versions. b) Acquire certifications across multiple resources. c) Provide three to five customer references per competency; and d) In the case of a Gold competency, participate in an independently administered Customer Satisfaction Index.


Myth #3: “Small IT vendors won’t be able to support us 24×7.”

No matter your company size, downtime costs you money. Accessibility and response time is critical, so the service desk should be staffed with certified technicians 24 hours a day. So of course, a large IT partner can deliver that, right? Again, size is no guarantee. You might have a #800 number to dial, but will you get a real person? At NexusTek, our clients can reach us 365/7/24 and during the workday, your call is answered by a live person, not an automated system. Our fully staffed remote services help desk, manned by highly experienced IT experts leveraging advanced support technology and professional case management, ensure you get the help you need in a timely fashion.


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