With Thanksgiving upon us, we are gearing up for the holiday season at NexusTek.

Like our clients in the SMB space, we are overwhelmed with year-end processes and the demands the season brings.

Before Black Friday kicks off retail madness, NexusTek would like to take a moment to reflect and give thanks!

Our Tech Scholarship Program, in partnership with the BBB Foundation, brought together our network of the like-minded in giving back.

We want to thank our partners and friends who made this year’s Tech Scholarship Program a great success!

THANK YOU for supporting some great kids who worked hard and earned the respect of their mentors, peers, and community leaders. Kids like Miguel Gonzalez, the recipient of our $10,000 scholarship award, and Juno Padilla, our $5,000 winner, will move into the new year with a good start for a future in the tech industry.


In his scholarship applicant essay, Miguel Gonzalez speaks about stepping out of his comfort zone to challenge himself and learn from others through giving back to his community. During high school, Miguel maintained above a 4.0 GPA while leading his high school soccer team as captain, volunteering for many community projects, and working at the University of Colorado Hospital for three out of the four years of high school.

Miguel talks about struggling when he moved to a new school as a freshman and began in the internship program that generated deep fears of failure. The son of a bricklayer, Miguel’s strong work ethic would see him through this scary time as he forged ahead, maintaining a positive mindset and a clear vision for his future.

He wrote about having doubts the first time he volunteered for a community service project. His experience was so positive in the end that volunteerism is now a big part of him.

With a passion for computer science and engineering, Miguel has displayed ambition, leadership, and compassion for others. His future is certainly bright.

Juno Padilla graduated at the top of his class with a 4.36 GPA and sees himself as an agent of the positive changes he wants to see in the world. Juno also worked through high school while volunteering and keeping up with academics. He talks about the many projects and initiatives he was part of that shaped a strong self-image and humbled him at the same time.

From the relationships with his teachers based on mutual respect to the internship at our State Capitol, Juno’s experiences and mentors helped build a strong foundation for his dream. He plans to attend the Colorado School of Mines and pursue a degree in mechanical engineering.

The student stories of inner struggle, overcoming great home/life challenges, and maintaining an unwavering focus on future achievements in technology have made this program a meaningful cause for NexusTek. We asked our network of benevolent colleagues and friends to help and matched all contributions. The result was an outpouring of support so great, we added a second scholarship!


Miguel took the stage at the BBB Torch Awards and delivered a genuine statement of gratitude to the BBB and the scholarship committee for choosing him over many worthy candidates as one of the grand prize recipients.

Maybe those who decide to give reflected on their own success, their own struggle, and see themselves in these young academic hopefuls.

We all need opportunities like this presented to us by great organizations like the BBB Foundation. It prompts us to step back from the business day filled with tasks to advance our own objectives, inspiring us to reflect on others who deserve a little help.

A contribution to someone on a good path instills a sense of hope and says “stick with it, we believe in you!”

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