World’s smallest USB 3.0 flash drive,  MultiDevice Keyboard,  Jira,  Trello, and the Microsoft Office 365 Apple Watch, just to name a few tech gadgets…

Nope, it’s not a Father’s Day wish list (though, frankly the Apple Watch would be pretty great), but it’s some of the latest and greatest in technology and gadgetry. Cool? Yes! Overwhelming? Definitely. As consumers, it’s a challenge trying to keep up. But even more so for companies trying to manage and grow their business. How do you sift through the tsunami of hardware, software, new apps, tools and gadgets that promise to record audio while you’re taking notes, manage your … aircraft wings that can fix themselves. Here are our tips on how to ride that tide.

  1. Embrace Today

Make no mistake. There’s no going backwards. Technology changes on a dime, so as a small-medium size business, embracing new technology is a must. But don’t be intimidated by it. Read about it, get excited about it and try things that sound interesting to you and your business.

  1. Prioritize
There’s no need to “embrace” every tool or app, but there is a need to be open minded to what can help your business. Working with IT pros like NexusTek is a great way to help figure out what matters to you and how it can propel you forward. It’s about making great choices and putting a technology plan in place that work for your business now and in the future. We tell our clients to always find solutions that work for you.
  1. Educate – Keep Learning

Congrats! You’re now the proud owner of {fill in the blank}. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve seen countless teams waste a countless amount of dollars by not using their technology investment. Figuring out what you need is the easy part. Now you need to know how to use it. We recommend to all our clients the importance of proper training for you and your team. Get comfortable and get proficient.

  1. Educate – Keep Looking

This one is important. Stay ahead of the technology curve. Read about it, learn about it and even try it out if you want. The key here is learning how projected IT trends might impact your company’s long-term strategies. As your IT partner, we’re here to expertly evaluate and make recommendations on your IT environment to address current concerns and plan for the future. From there we’ll help you upgrade and implement the right solutions, managing projects to completion while keeping you informed.

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