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Three Ways to Motivate Employees While Working Remotely 1

Three Ways to Motivate Your Remote Workforce

With a third of Americans under a “Stay-at-home” order, many workplaces have gone to a complete work-from-home environment. This offers a great opportunity to focus on the positives and make the most from our “remote” predicament.

It’s easy to take for granted the value of having a conversation by the coffee machine or a firm handshake until it is not possible due to social distancing.

There’s good news though, there are a few ways to combat the urge to have interpersonal interaction by using technology. Here are of our favorites at NexusTek:

At the end of this time of working from home, we can all be thankful for the interactions we get to have on a daily basis at the office, although we must admit that working from your home office (or couch) has its perks. For more ways to make the best experience with working from home, contact us at the link below.