Almost as soon as 4G standards were completed, the wireless infrastructure industry started to plan for the next step in the wireless revolution – 5G.

While 5G phones aren’t expected to appear for a few years, we’re all about getting our partners ahead of the curve –

Here’s a summary of what to expect with 5G:

5G and technology business servicesAt the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the visions for 5G started to converge. They have yet to finalize the 5G technology standard (this is due later in the year) but we’ve already seen companies talking and even demonstrating their own take on these technologies. So while a lot of work still needs to be done, the basics have been sketched out.

Big and Fast

Based on reports, 5G will offer 1,000 times more bandwidth than 4G, with 100 times faster download speeds. Yes, you read that right…100 times faster. Latency – a measure of how long it takes between requesting data and first receiving it – should be reduced to near zero. But there’s more. Here’s the heart stopper: Your future mobile device will be faster than your current wired internet connection.

While the wired networks will undoubtedly increase their speeds over time, too, 5G should provide all the bandwidth that most people will ever need.

Potential benefits to consider:

Instant gratification: Download speeds should increase from today’s 4G peak of 150 megabits per second to at least 10 gigabits per second. That’s fast enough to download pretty much any 2 hour movie in 1-4 seconds instead of 6 minutes.

Lightning-fast response (reduced latency): In addition to cramming more bits into every second, 5G will shorten the lag time before the first bits show up. That means it should take significantly less time for data transfers to take place. So think about all those streaming videos….they’ll start seconds after pushing ‘play.’

Remember what we said about ‘1000 times more bandwidth?’ This means that there will be more space for everyone to access this advanced network. With the Internet of Things becoming more and more important over time, where gadgets and objects employ smart, connected features that they have never had before, the strain on bandwidth will continue to grow, so this is a VERY good thing.

We can definitely expect that the next generation of mobile networks will be faster in every level. But we’re still a few years away from a commercially available 5G network. Depending on the manufacturer, it sounds like five years. It will be tough waiting, but mark your calendars for 2020.

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