IT services, information technology services, managed ITNot everyone can be a genius and expert in many areas and disciplines like Leonardo Da Vinci, the original Renaissance Man. We wish we could, as in this modern age, most of us are required to multitask since we don’t always have the option to delegate everything that needs to be done. Unfortunately, because of all the projects we must complete, we strive to overcome all of our weaknesses and try to do everything ourselves, instead of concentrating on what we are good at.

A better use of our time would be to focus on our strengths. They are what give us a competitive edge, and if we focus on what we are best at, we will be more successful in the long run. No matter how well we can improve our weaknesses, our strengths are what we are known for and what gets us hired.

Along these same lines, all companies require IT, but not all companies are expert at it. We need it for our internal business processes such as accounting, email, marketing, customer service, website, Internet, and much more. Businesses today cannot function without IT – but it may not be an area of expertise for all companies.

There are several key reasons why outsourcing your IT services is the best option for your organization. Hiring a quality managed IT services company will allow you to:

1. Stay Focused on Your Core Competencies Businesses have limited money, resources and expertise. And business owners and managers have a limited amount of time and attention. Hiring a managed IT services firm will allow your business to stay focused on your core business so that you do not get distracted by complex IT processes.

2. Increase Your Competitiveness and Efficiency When you perform all of your IT services in-house, you are taking time to hire staff, research equipment and services, and implement and install hardware and software. These expenses may ultimately increase your overhead and the cost you pass on to your customers.

3. Take Advantage of New Technologies More Quickly Quality managed IT service firms can save smaller companies time and money because they have “tried and true” processes in place for analyzing, budgeting, planning and installing IT systems. Additionally, they are staffed with experienced and certified professionals who can quickly begin your new implementation with hardware and software that is the right fit for your business. For most non-IT companies, the due diligence process can be rigorous and time consuming – researching, analyzing, and training in-house people can be a huge drain on resources, and installation may take months longer than planned.

4. Play on a Level Field Smaller companies do not have the money, time or expertise that larger companies do to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Products and services are forever changing in the IT world. You may not fully understand how to take advantage and implement cloud and hybrid infrastructures, data backup and recovery systems, anti-virus and security software, database monitoring systems, etc. This is the wheelhouse for IT managed service companies, and you can get the best return on your investment by relying on their expertise at a fixed cost.

5. Reduce Liability and Risk All of the investments you make in your business carry risk. This is due to changes in financial conditions, markets, competition, government regulations and technologies which can happen virtually overnight. Quality managed IT service providers are up-to-speed when it comes to understanding the latest technology, security, back-up, data and business recovery and compliance issues.

6. Lower Labor Expenses You want your IT services to be managed by skilled, experienced and certified staff – the best people that you can count on. Finding, hiring and training qualified IT professionals is very expensive, and fulltime employees include additional overhead.

7. Work with Known Experienced and Qualified Professionals Quality managed IT services companies have staff that is tested, certified, trained and experienced. They have the hiring processes in place to know who they are hiring and to make sure that they hire the best. It can be difficult to know how good an IT professional is if IT is not your area of expertise.

8. Take Advantage of Other’s Economies of Scale and Learning Curves There are not many IT issues that an experienced quality IT managed services company has not dealt with on multiple occasions. They work with many companies from a wide span of industries that experience the same problems, and they are able to solve them more quickly.

9. Know that Your IT System is Safe, Secure and Compliant To ensure that you are employing the latest technology for your firewall and anti-virus software, using a quality managed IT services company is your best option. Not only do they keep up-to-date with training and certifications, they also keep abreast of the latest technology launches and can recommend which are the best for your business. They can also perform audits and testing of your IT environment to make sure that they know if and when you need to update your equipment, software and services.

10. Control IT Costs A quality IT managed services company can analyze your situation and help you budget your IT expenses. Additionally, they offer subscription services so that you know that no matter how much IT support you may need month-to-month, help-desk assistance is provided at a fixed rate.

If you are considering outsourcing your IT needs to a quality managed services company, please contact the experts at NexusTek at 303.773.6464 or at

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