At NexusTek, we keep our clients informed of potential issues with their IT environment. As with previous OS upgrades, the prompts* from Microsoft to download Windows 10 cause lots of excitement, as they should. But this action for the business user could (historically the case) cause issues with your applications, your data and ultimately your business processes and productivity. As the IT expert, we encourage you to please contact NexusTek before initiating any action.

Reasons not to download Windows 10 at this time

Here are a few reasons NOT to initiate the download when prompted to upgrade Windows 10:

  • Internal business applications may not have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with Windows 10.*
  • Your systems may be customized. Providing seamless integration of new operating systems requires technical knowledge of the current corporate environment.*
  • Your infrastructure (PC hardware, processor, memory, or network configuration) might not be able to accommodate Windows 10.

* NOTE: Customers that subscribe to NexusTek cloud-based patch management as part of their program will not receive a notification.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of moving to Windows 10 or you are receiving the notifications to upgrade, please contact our remote services team before taking action.

There is much more to come on Microsoft Windows 10. So, in keeping with our focus to provide expert information, we are making this our first of a series of blogs on the subject.

Come back to the TekBlog for updates on Windows 10 for the SMB!

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