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Hosted Cloud Services in Boston

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud services are on-demand IT services delivered and accessed over the internet. Their foundation software is hosted at one or more server locations designed for security and reliability while their functionality is accessible from any networked location. Examples of cloud services range from data storage and backup, to email, to virtual meeting software and can include implementation, administration, and support all here in the Boston area.


Utilizing an IT service company in Boston allows small and medium businesses to focus on the nuts and bolts of their business. Instead of the high capital investments and expanded workloads of developing in-house IT solutions, you have reduced costs, convenience, and improved efficiency. Experienced cloud services companies, like NexusTek Boston, bring established procedures, knowledge, and infrastructure to the table. That means your business IT needs are matched by solutions utilizing the best strategy, products, and support while you save time and money.


We are a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in cloud computing and consulting services. The expertise we’ve developed over the last 20 years has delivered world-class IT services management to thousands of customers helping their businesses reduce costs and improve productivity. Our IT services and consulting include:

  • IT requirements audit
  • IT strategy development
  • Solution implementation
  • Training and support
  • And more

Desktop as a Service

We offer virtual desktop environment services. Through providing and managing networked access to company systems and data we deliver a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment allowing employees to increase productivity with any connected device and from any connected location.

Infrastructure as a Service

We implement custom cloud platforms that handle all your business’s server, data, and security hardware needs. By subscribed virtual access to cutting edge hardware your business is saved the substantial time and money investments of acquiring and maintaining business IT infrastructure.

Software as a Service

We deliver and manage cloud software subscriptions, specializing in Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 CRM solutions. Users are provided remote access to excellent business software platforms. We do all the, and administration while your employees spend their time on the efficiency and productivity benefits updating, maintaining of their software solutions. Our IT services and support are available around the clock every day.

Contact us now to discuss how we can meet your business IT needs in Boston.