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IT Management Services

Trusting your day-to-day infrastructure management to NexusTek allows you to focus more time and energy on honing your competitive advantage.

What Are IT Management Services?

IT management services include a variety of IT monitoring and maintenance services, which businesses outsource to a managed IT services provider. IT management services can range from minimal outsourcing or co-managed IT, all the way to fully outsourced IT services that transfer responsibility for all infrastructure management to the managed services provider. Such IT management may include proactive services such as network monitoring, application support, and patch management, as well as reactive support and troubleshooting to resolve any IT issues.

Benefits of IT Management Services

Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have few IT employees, and many lack dedicated IT staff altogether. This means that the continuous flow of IT management tasks falls heavily on few employees, often leading to stress and burnout. For SMBs without an IT team, the day-to-day management of IT systems falls on managers and leaders, most of whom lack technical expertise. IT management services solve this problem for SMBs, with specific benefits including:

Are You a Small or Midsize Business with Questions About IT Services?


For over 25 years, NexusTek has provided IT management services to SMBs across the United States, giving us a thorough understanding of the special challenges and business needs experienced by smaller organizations. To accommodate the range of IT management needs of our clients, we offer multiple managed services plans that can be customized to fit your unique needs. Our 24/7/365 help desk is staffed domestically, supporting your employees to resolve technical issues any time of day. We serve both PC and Mac users, and our engineers possess a range of certifications from the best in the industry, including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Dell, and SonicWall.

NexusTek offers managed IT services in both onsite and remote capacities. In today’s hyperconnected world, many businesses can be provided full IT management support by engineers who “remote into” the customer’s environment (i.e., the engineer uses software that allows them to access the customer’s environment, with their permission). Some businesses continue to require an engineer’s onsite presence to manage their infrastructure, while others simply prefer the human touch of in-person support from an engineer. To meet these varied needs and preferences, NexusTek offers both remote and in-person IT management services.

NexusTek’s cybersecurity services are offered separately from managed IT services, but many customers choose to partner with NexusTek for both. Because some customers only want IT management services OR cybersecurity services, we keep these services distinct for customer convenience. As with our managed IT plans, our cybersecurity plans include a spectrum of solutions aimed at covering the most common groupings of needs, but they can be easily customized to meet your unique cybersecurity needs.

Yes, absolutely. For businesses that want to take their IT strategy to the next level, NexusTek can offer services that go beyond the day-to-day management of existing IT systems. First, all of our managed IT services plans include a quarterly business review, which provides you with key metrics to guide your strategic planning. Second, you have the option of adding Virtual CIO (vCIO) services to your plan at any time, which gives you 1:1 time with an executive-level technology leader who has a solid understanding of how IT and business strategy intersect. Customers may add vCIO services to help with specific objectives, such as assessments to reduce IT spend or evaluate cloud readiness, or they may routinely include a vCIO in their planning activities, with hours that range all the way up to full-time.