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Healthcare IT Services

NexusTek’s custom platform is a cost-effective Information Technology solution for the healthcare industry.

NexusTek’s Healthcare IT Solution is customized for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry’s primary focus is to help the world stay healthy. However, technology has a way of making life easier…and harder. NexusTek’s goal is to take the “harder” out of your equation. NexusTek has developed an IT Services solution, specifically catering to the healthcare industry, that will solve your technology needs for a flat fee. Past are the days of concern regarding how much your next technology bill will be or if your IT Professional will be available to help you. You can have confidence in NexusTek’s full engineering team based here in the Denver-Metro area.

NexusTek and Healthcare:

How Can We Help?

Here are several reasons why Healthcare Clinics, Family Practice Networks, Urgent Care, Clinic Networks and various other specialty practice networks rely on NexusTek to solve their technology needs:

  • An IT Infrastructure that is HIPAA compliant
    • Encrypted email
    • PHI encryption
    • Ensuring that laptops are HIPAA compliant
    • Mobile Device Management
    • IT Infrastructure documentation
  • EMR (Electronic Medical Records) made easy
  • NexusTek will provide a Single BAA (Business Associate Agreement) for multiple services
  • Flat Fee cost structure
    • A consistency that will take the guess work out of your technology costs
    • Flat fee per clinic (clinic or user based flat fee)
  • Wireless & Firewall Management

How Does IT Work?

At NexusTek, we’re very sensitive to the impact a technology change can have within an office. We take precautions to make any technology change a positive experience. Here are examples of what you can expect from NexusTek when making an upgrade/change:

  •  24/7/365 Technical Support
  •  Technology Assessment performed by an Information Technology Professional
  •  Documentation of all technology-related procedures

Cost and Management

As a successful business, you want technology that just works without the frustrations associated with fluctuating costs. At NexusTek we will provide a predictable technology cost structure and take your IT Infrastructure to its highest level.

NexusTek doesn’t believe in holding their customers hostage with long-term contracts, so we will deliver an information technology solution that will satisfy all your IT needs at a fixed cost while using month-to-month contracts. To take it one step further, we also guarantee our solutions with financially backed SLA’s.

If you’ve been researching ways to cut your technology costs and get better service, consider making the upgrade to NexusTek.

Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Have you ever heard of Ransomware? It is not a fun topic. There are many ways your company can get infected by a Ransomware virus:

  • Email Attachment
  • Links in an email
  • Links in Social Media
  • Etc…

Good news, NexusTek has many ways to combat these viruses! We are your prime ally in the war against Cyber Attacks. Our preventative measures are some of the most complex in the industry and if you happen to get infected, our disaster recovery team will be at your disposal.

How much do you know about IT Security? Take our 5 question IT Security Quiz to see how you stack up.

The Healthcare Office of the Future

“Moore’s Law”1 suggests that technology will double every two years. This is both exciting and a budgeting concern for most businesses. The challenge is to stay relevant in technology without breaking your established budget. It’s essentially a chess game, but instead of the classic chess colors it’s black vs. red on your Profit/Loss Statement.

Interestingly, many businesses will focus much of their technology budget towards new laptops and desktop computers, but there are other background devices/applications that can increase efficiency to the “n-th” degree:

  • Server Upgrades, Warrenties and Maintenance
  • Internet Connection Failover
  • Switches and Firewall Upgrades and Maintenance
  • CRM Upgrades
  • ERP Upgrades


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