Staffing & Recruiting

NexusTek offers temporary help, contract staffing, and full-time employee placements to effectively meet your company’s personnel needs.

Staffing & Recruiting

At NexusTek, we know how critical it is to have the right people in the right jobs within your organization. Sometimes it can be difficult to know who the best hire is or what skill sets to look for- and that’s where we come in. We help you in all aspects of your hiring process, including:

  • Filling permanent positions
  • Providing staffing flexibility
  • Short-term periods
  • Special projects
  • Reducing overhead
  • Work-on-Demand
  • Confidential executive search

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NexusTek offers staffing services in the following areas:

Contract Staffing

  • Augment your internal staff with specialized IT professionals that fit into your budget.
  • Tackle new initiatives, meet project deadlines, fill short-term needs for qualified employees and accelerate your workflow.
  • Reduce employee-related costs.
  • Support upcoming projects and maintain proper staff level.
  • The only cost is an hourly rate.


  • Minimize your risk and augment staff without investing in an immediate full time commitment.
  • Don’t invest before you are sure of a good fit. Determine if the employee is the right fit for the position by observing them on the job.
  • Make sure the IT professional fits into your environment and long term plans; know if they are as technically strong as you need them before investing thousands of dollars in a full time employee.
  • You decide the contract period; the employee can be hired on a permanent basis at any time.

Direct Hire

  • Select the perfect employee. Utilize the pre-screening process NexusTek Resource Management each candidate for knowledge, experience and cultural fit.
  • Don’t waste time with lengthy dead-end interviews. Let NexusTek Resource Management complete all the screening and fill your positions in a timely fashion.

Executive Search

  • NexusTek Resource Management offers confidential searches for executive-level staffing.
  • We will identify qualified and serious candidates and prescreen them at the executive level processes in place.

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Learn more about NexusTek, a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner serving the Denver area business community with a team of experienced and certified engineers and consultants.

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