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We Make Technology Easy

So you can focus on your core business without worrying about technology headaches.

We Make Technology Easy

As a business owner, you may be aware of the need to stay current with technology trends in your business. However, you may not have the expertise, time, resources, or knowledge to manage and integrate the relevant technology into your business operations and processes. If you find yourself in this predicament, then you should take advantage of the managed IT services and support offered by NexusTek.

At NexusTek, we are a managed IT service provider who specializes in meeting the IT needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients outsource their technology needs to us so that they can concentrate on their core business. By using NexusTek as your managed IT service and support provider, you can rest assured that your business will be constantly up to date with the latest relevant technological innovations. Additionally, we partner with best-in-class technology vendors to ensure that your technology hardware and software are well maintained. Furthermore, we also provide disaster recovery services and support so that your data can be readily restored in the event of a disaster.

Help your company get organized and decrease costs, all while improving efficiency by incorporating Cloud Services into your managed IT services and support. With Cloud Services you can expand into Cloud Computing, meaning you and your staff will have access to your data and primary applications anywhere and anytime they need.

There are many options to take advantage of NexusTek’s Cloud Services, from access just your data from anywhere to a fully customized private cloud solution that meet all your regulatory needs. Our full time support ensures that your information and access are uninterrupted while providing you top of the line customer service.

Cybersecurity Solutions Icon

Too often cybersecurity is viewed as an IT cost rather than a business requirement. Cybersecurity is not only necessary for your business, but also a matter of national security. As an award-winning managed service provider, NexusTek has the expertise to fortify your business against cybercriminals while delivering dedicated customer service. Take your cybersecurity seriously with NexusTek’s managed cybersecurity plans that enhance your business’ security posture and cyber resilience against escalating cyber threats.

Your employees are your greatest vulnerability. NexusTek’s managed cybersecurity plans address this risk with user-focused strategies and carefully selected solutions. Our cybersecurity services protect, detect, and respond to cyber risks and threats that target your business’ highest risk asset. The pre-packaged plans include the latest security necessities every business requires so companies of all sizes can easily select the strategy that best suits their needs and goals. Stay ahead of ever evolving and increasing cyberattacks with one of our managed cybersecurity plans.

Technology is required to keep your business running, but you don’t have to be the one to stay on top of finding the right IT services and product for your company. With professional IT consulting from NexusTek, you get the experience, knowledge, and guarantee that your company’s IT needs are addressed based on what is right for you. Whatever your business scenario is, you will benefit from using the IT consulting services offered by a professional, nationwide managed IT service provider.

At NexusTek, we have teams of IT consultants willing and ready to work with you at a moment’s notice. Using our deep knowledge of technology as well as our many years of experience, we will analyze your business’s current technology and provide recommendations regarding which tools and applications are best suited to enhance the technological capabilities of your business. Furthermore, we provide a strategy for how you can successfully integrate the latest technology into your business with minimal disruption. Reach out to us today so that we can get started.

Additional IT Services

NexusTek’s Managed IT services and IT consulting team will skillfully assist your technology needs including remote workforce planning, MultiValue support and services, disaster recovery plan development as well as various other IT projects that are vital to the success of your business. As one of the top IT services, cloud services and cyber security companies in the nation, we have the experience and expertise to help you meet your objectives.

NexusTek offers multiple fixed-fee Managed IT plans so that you can select the service that best meets the needs of your business.

The Essential IT Services plan provides exactly that—the essentials. We begin with a baseline strategic IT assessment that lays the foundation for our proactive planning, consulting, and reporting services. Get 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT systems, including both physical and virtual servers, PCs and virtual desktops, firewalls, backup systems, and more. The Essential Plan features a myriad of add-ons to make it fully customizable to your needs. Select how much or how little support you need, whether remote or onsite, and we will respond to IT issues as they happen as well as prevent IT issues before they occur, allowing you to reduce cost and only pay for what your business needs. Our certified engineers keep your technology running smoothly so you can focus on your business.

The Remote IT Services plan expands on Essential’s offerings, managing your IT and remote hardware or software in addition to the basic protection and monitoring of your business’ IT infrastructure. This plan is ideal for businesses that operate primarily via a cloud infrastructure. Our cloud experts supply everything your business needs to manage your cloud IT and how it integrates into your actual use of IT. However, any business that rarely requires an on-site engineer will highly benefit from our Remote plan. As an upgrade from the Essential plan, unlimited live help desk, emergency on-site response, and support for user changes, applications, and data restore from backup are built into the Remote package, ensuring that your business receives 24/7/365 support. The Remote IT Services provides the most bang for your buck, establishing itself as our best value plan for any budget-conscious business.

The Dedicated IT Services plan provides a custom-tailored fit with a dedicated engineer who learns the special nuances of your business and has the expertise to manage the intricacies of your systems. This plan delivers scheduled, hands-on services coupled with the 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance of the Essential plan. The Dedicated plan also has the ability to augment your existing IT team, allowing them to focus on their core tasks, increasing productivity and decreasing IT burnout. Our IT experts collaborate with your internal IT and conduct quarterly business reviews so that your IT strategy is consistently up to date. Instead of expanding your IT team, the Dedicated IT services plan provides expert, focused IT support, all for a fixed monthly fee.

The Complete IT Services plan is the whole package, combining 24/7/365 monitoring and maintenance, remote management, unlimited help desk, and a dedicated engineer for specialized onsite IT, all in one comprehensive bundle. NexusTek delivers the tailored support of a full-service managed IT team to boost productivity, efficiency, and cost-savings. Our IT experts are committed to your business’ success, safeguarding your data, maintaining top network performance, tracking IT inventory, and ensuring optimal IT performance. The Complete plan provides the ultimate experience of a fixed fee and dedicated white glove service.

Trusted by thousands of businesses across the U.S., NexusTek is an award-winning managed service provider. Our hundreds of certified engineers across multiple Network Operation Centers (NOCs) offer 24/7/365 proactive management and live IT help so your business is always covered. Our cost-effective managed IT services and full domestic IT outsourcing solutions replace your variable expenses with a predictable, fixed monthly fee. We eliminate technology headaches so you can focus on your business.

NexusTek’s Cloud and Hosted IT Services include Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Microsoft Online Services, and Cloud Hosting in either public, private, or multi-cloud environments so businesses can increase productivity while decreasing capital investments.

Microsoft Azure cloud keeps your business ahead of digital transformation, easily staying apace of increasing data volumes while ensuring storage costs remain low. Reduce infrastructure costs with simple data backup via Azure and ensure business continuity with quick data restore. Built-in protection against ransomware secures your data from unauthorized attempts to delete your backups, alerting your team to any incidents so you can quickly save your data.

NexusTek’s customizable IaaS platform enables businesses to secure a reliable IT infrastructure hosted in the cloud. Eliminate the headaches of on-premises servers and hardware while maintaining, and often increasing, productivity. Eradicate the need for large capital purchases and avoid technology obsolescence with cost-efficient IaaS. NexusTek takes full responsibility of hosting and maintaining the servers, storage, and security infrastructure and offers multiple options for data recovery solutions, including cloud-2-cloud backup and replication.

Access mission-critical applications and data from anywhere at any time with VDI. With no physical hardware, VDI reduces capital and management expenditures while unifying desktop management and protection from a centrally controlled interface. NexusTek’s IT experts can have your desktop environment up and running with little to no disruption. Our maintenance updates and software upgrades ensure your applications and network are running efficiently. Data is stored in the cloud so if a device is lost or stolen, data will remain inaccessible and protect your business from disaster.

Increase productivity with Microsoft 365, combining the Microsoft Office desktop and web-based suites with cloud-based collaboration tools, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Exchange Online. Users can access files from anywhere, whether online or offline, improving communication and efficiency within your business. Monthly security updates and feature releases keep your licenses current, protect your data, and increase compliance.

NexusTek partners with top cloud technology innovators such as VMWare, Citrix, Cisco, and HP Enterprise, ensuring that your business receives the best solutions available. We are also an award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner and capitalize on our close relationship with Microsoft experts to bring our customers the ultimate Microsoft experience. NexusTek is an SSAE 18 SOC II certified company and partner with Tier 4 and Tier 5 data centers to securely store your data. Reduce CAPEX costs and improve your business’ scalability, productivity, and security with one of NexusTek’s tailored cloud solutions for a predictable monthly fee.

NexusTek’s Cybersecurity Solutions plans concentrate on a business’ most vulnerable and highest risk asset: the users. From cloud email security to cybersecurity awareness training, our plans prepare and protect your users from social engineering attacks meant to manipulate them into revealing sensitive information. Our Cybersecurity Solutions detect, protect, and remediate your business from security threats.

Our Essential Plan is the first step to protecting your business from cybercriminals. As part of the managed protection service plan, NexusTek engineers monitor your business’ systems for threats 24/7/365. If a security breach occurs, we notify your company immediately and offer incident response and remediation services on an ad hoc basis. Managed endpoint security software safeguards endpoints or end-user devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, from malicious actors attempting to access the network. NexusTek partners with Barracuda Sentinel, an autonomous AI endpoint security platform, to analyze user behavior and identify abnormal actions from cyber threats. Cybersecurity Essential Plan includes managed cloud email security per user with Barracuda Total Email Security to shield employees from unwanted and/or malicious emails. Each year, NexusTek’s technical consultants perform a security review to assess your business’ security posture and recommend tailored solutions to improve the health of your cybersecurity.

Our Standard Plan defends your business from cyberattacks and tackles any cyber threats that do happen to breach the barriers. NexusTek’s managed protection and response plan builds on top of the features from the Essential Plan, still including 24/7 monitoring and alerting, managed endpoint security and patching, and the annual security review. The Standard Plan enhances your business’ cybersecurity with managed DNS security, providing Cisco Umbrella’s cloud-delivered enterprise network security to determine if a user’s web destination is safe or authorized before accessing or denying the website address. Cybersecurity awareness training empowers employees to identify, avoid, and report social engineering attacks. A quarterly vulnerability scan of the network edge per site identifies known exploits or outdated versions in your IT systems that cybercriminals can compromise. NexusTek’s IT consultants work with your organization to understand the ins and outs of any cybersecurity questionnaires your business may receive from potential clients or vendors and properly fill it in to generate revenue or lower your insurance premium. And if a security breach occurs, rest easy with incident response and remediation services included in the plan.

Our Advanced Plan is a robust managed detection and response plan that provides comprehensive cybersecurity. In addition to the features of the Essential Plan and Standard Plan, NexusTek increases the frequency of security health checks from annually to quarterly and vulnerability scans from quarterly to monthly, ensuring your business’ systems stay protected throughout the year. Your business will receive a final report of recommended steps to pinpoint open ports and eliminate weaknesses in your IT systems. Our incident response and remediation (IRR) services quickly verify threats, isolate the impacts, and eradicate security breaches. The ultimate feature of the Advanced Plan is the managed SIEM or Security Information and Event Management, which collects log data from multiple sources, including networking devices, servers, appliances, virtual machines, and other infrastructure, into one cohesive platform where AI analyzes it for malicious activity. NexusTek’s Advanced Plan includes unlimited cybersecurity log correlation and aggregation to maximize a business’ ability to detect threats and threat patterns, shore up the corresponding security gaps, and improve incident response and remediation practices. A 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) is on call to immediately address alerts and protect your business at all hours of the night.

Your business’ IT security is our business. NexusTek’s Cybersecurity Solutions provide comprehensive threat evaluation, detection, and prevention at every level, giving you the highest degree of cybersecurity. Our risk assessments and vulnerability scanning lay a strong foundation for a robust cybersecurity strategy, boosted by our 24/7 monitoring and support from our Security Operations Center (SOC). Our custom incident response plans are optimized for your business’ operations to ensure swift and reliable action in the event of a security incident. Protect your business and customers from disaster with NexusTek’s top-of-the-line cybersecurity services.

NexusTek’s IT Consulting services include expert advice, IT roadmaps, access to a virtual CIO (vCIO), budget planning, and IT project management to address your business’ current IT concerns and strategically plan for the future.

Our expert IT consultants are here for you. First, we will assess and evaluate your business’ current systems and operations. Then, we will provide applicable technology recommendations that will address your business’ needs and help you leverage IT to reach your goals. Your success is our success.

An IT roadmap acts as a critical guide to developing the strategic execution of IT initiatives in your business. NexusTek IT consultants assess how projected IT trends will impact your company’s long-term strategies. If your organization is expanding its geographic reach or realigning your target customer markets, we can help you utilize IT to your advantage.

A virtual CIO or vCIO is an experienced resource that acts as Chief Information Officer and helps your business identify and implement IT initiatives. NexusTek’s vCIOs provide technology leadership, trends insight, and strategic IT planning to help your business proactively update and secure applications and data against changing demands.

IT budget planning can be difficult to predict due to unexpected capital expenditures like broken servers or data breaches. Our IT experts can help your business forecast an appropriate budget that considers your current IT systems and future IT initiatives. If your business needs to minimize CAPEX costs, our managed IT services address maintenance and monitoring for a simple, predictable monthly fee.

Our IT project management team has the resources and expertise to oversee complex, large-scale IT projects so that your internal IT team can focus on their core business. Whether it is a migration from on-premises infrastructure to a private cloud environment or a business continuity plan that ensures disaster recovery, NexusTek delivers the planning and execution results you expect.

NexusTek is not just a technology vendor, but your trusted technology partner. Our IT consultants partner with you to ensure your technology strategy supports your business growth plans and continued success. NexusTek’s experienced employees across the U.S. are dedicated to your success and offer 24/7/365 IT support. Our IT consultants recommend the right solutions for your business needs and ensure your organization maximizes the value from your technology investments. From small network modifications to complete infrastructure overhauls, NexusTek’s IT, cloud, and cybersecurity consulting team is prepared to help define and meet your business objectives.

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