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Determine if going Serverless is the best option for your business

Determine if going Serverless is the best option for your business

Many businesses are “going serverless”, ditching their on-prem servers and moving data to the cloud. With recent events, businesses are realizing that productivity levels are oftentimes increasing because of a remote workforce environment. If employees are working from home, why have a server in the office when you can have it in the cloud while still maintaining access to anyone with permissions? In addition to helping workers increase productivity, the “going serverless” offers companies the ability to scale based on their business needs, reduce costs and simplify their IT environments.

Businesses face difficulty when evaluating what solutions are best within the cloud and strategies for implementing. Some of the common issues to be addressed are compatibility, performance, redundancies, and cost savings. Due to all these considerations, businesses need to take a strategic approach when migrating to the cloud.

Over the years, NexusTek has moved thousands of clients into the cloud by providing a clear vision and concrete steps to successfully manage, implement, and utilize the cloud. To aid in helping businesses, NexusTek has developed a Serverless Assessment.  This analysis will check your server environment to evaluate your cloud readiness in order to determine the appropriate strategy and roadmap to the cloud.


Within the assessment, some of the questions that will be answered within the assessment are:

NexusTek will partner with you to take the first steps and show you real-time answers using cloud solutions.

Once complete, NexusTek will provide a report that includes:

NexusTek engineers have the certified expertise to optimize the integrity of your IT infrastructure and uncover the root cause of existing problems from data loss and performance issues.

Enjoy peace of mind by partnering with an elite managed IT services provider that has both the industry’s top engineers and breadth of technology to maintain your IT environment. Contact us below if you have additional questions.

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