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Do You Remember Your First Computer?

We’ve come a long way since the days of the “Commodore 64”, “IBM’s Personal Computer (PC)”, and the first “Macintosh” Computers. It’s amazing that we now have more computing power in our pockets than it took Apollo 11 to reach the moon, and we use it to check Instagram. Some of us can’t imagine computers, tablets and smart phones without a touch screen, but there was a time when the innovation of the age was just a mouse.

Do you remember your first work computer? Whether you are seasoned in your career or several years into it, the change in technology compared to your first computer is most likely a leap. Let’s see if you can recognize any of the computers or computer styles below:

Apple II - 1979

Originally, the Apple II was loved by the consumer market. Once the VisiCalc program (early spreadsheet program) was introduced, the business market quickly put the Apple II on the desks of their employees.

IBM PC – 1981

Utilizing an MS-DOS operating system, IBM’s Personal Computer helped to revolutionize business computing.

Commodore 64 – 1982

Boasting 64kb of RAM, the C64 was the hottest selling computer of its era. With thousands of software titles, you would be surprised if someone didn’t know the term “C64” in the 1980s.

Apple Macintosh – 1984

MacWrite, MacPaint and using a mouse was the new norm for 1984. Introducing a new GUI allowed users to more simply interact with the Macintosh.

Apple PowerBook – 1990

The PowerBook wasn’t Apple’s first portable computer, it was a major success with over $1 Billion of revenue generated in its first year of production.

IBM ThinkPad – 1992

IBM’s version of the portable computer was successful enough to join NASA on the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Now a Lenovo brand, many of you may be reading this on a ThinkPad right now.

We can go on and on compiling a comprehensive list of early personal computers, but imagine the choices you have now. Your business relies on having employees that can work whenever necessary while reducing any hardware induced downtime. That means having the right computer in your employees’ hands.

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