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Our Top Ten Tech Movies - What Are Yours?

Our Top Ten Tech Movies – What Are Yours?

We love movies here at NexusTek, especially tech movies! Movies with an exciting plot that incorporate modern technologies, or even capture our imaginations with technologies of the future, are mesmerizing to watch.

There have been many movies made over the last few decades that capture our passion and fascination with technology, so we created a list of our favorites!

Not all of these movies were big box office hits, but their story lines and use of various technologies cemented their place in cinema history…especially for those of us in the IT industry.

Tron MP

Tron (1982)

It’s one thing to play video games, it’s quite another to actually be IN the video game. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is computer programmer who is transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer. While inside, he is required to participate in gladiatorial games in order to escape back to the real world.

War Games MP

War Games (1983)

Before he was skipping class as Ferris Bueller, actor Matthew Broderick played a tech-savvy high school student that hacks into his school’s database to change report card grades. He stumbles across a strategy war game and begins to play thinking it’s a harmless game about military warfare, but unknowingly hacked into the North American Aerospace Defense Command system. David is apprehended by the FBI and is forced to play the game of his life and finish a game that has started a hostile situation with the USSR in the thick of the cold war.

Terminator 2 MP

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character told us “I’ll be back” after the first Terminator movie, and the second did not disappoint. In the sequel, the terminator cyborg (Schwarzenegger) reappears from the future to defend the young future human resistance leader, John Connor, from an enemy cyborg sent to kill him. This academy award winning film was action packed and to this day is still one of the highest grossing R-rated movies of all time.

Sneakers MP

Sneakers (1992)

Penetration testing can be an exciting career…that is unless one of your clients deceives you into committing a crime. That’s what happened when computer hacker Martin (Robert Redford) is approached by two National Security Agency officers who ask him to steal a newly invented decoder. He and his team soon realize the “black box” decoder can be used as a cyber weapon, and that the men who approached him are actually rogue agents who plan to use the decoder for ill intent.

Hackers MP

Hackers (1995)

Hacking computer systems was all fun and games to a group of young troublemakers, that is until one of them is framed for targeting to destroy a fleet of oil tankers. This movie came out just as the worldwide web was becoming more known and offered a glimpse into the dark side of the internet.

The Matrix MP

The Matrix (1999)

Did you really think we wouldn’t include this movie on the list? The movies massive popularity and revolutionary gravity-defying stunts made Reeves a sci-fi icon. When machines hi-jack the world and are on a conquest to destroy all organic human life, it’s up to Neo and his friends to infiltrate “The Matrix” (a simulated reality world) and defeat the intelligent machines. The Matrix won four academy awards and was a box office hit.

Office Space MP

Office Space (1999)

“Where’s my stapler?”, “case of the Mondays”, “more pieces of flare”, “If you could…that’d me great”. So many one liners and quotable moments came from this popular comedy. A group of disgruntled computer programmers design a program to steal an insignificant amount of money from their company over time…but end up stealing much more money than they intended. As they scramble to cover up their crime, we’re treated to many comedic moments of funny corporate office-type humor.

Minority Report MP

Minority Report (2002)

Technology that can detect criminal intent in individuals before their illegal actions occur is a great way to eliminate crime, right? That is unless your John Anderton (Tom Cruise) and the technology is used to frame you for a crime that you didn’t commit…or didn’t even think about committing.

Avatar MP

Avatar (2009)

On top of the stunning visuals of the fantasy world of Pandora, Avatar featured futuristic space-age technology. From the space craft, to the floating simulated touch screens, to the pods that would allow scientists to inhabit the bodies of their avatar, this movie was loaded with technology. It showed us the possibilities of where technology could be in 150 years (you know…except for the alien part).

Ready Player One MP

Ready Player One (2018)

The year is 2045, and to escape the real world many people engage in a virtual reality entertainment universe called OASIS. One of the creators of OASIS dies and leaves behind a series of challenges, within the virtual reality, granting the winner ownership of the platform. Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) and his four friends work together to try and win the competition. This movie was made in a time when virtual reality headsets were beginning to come out and gaining popularity.

Honorable Mentions

A.I., Weird Science, WALL-E, Apollo 13, Swordfish, I Robot

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