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Case Study:

A Commercial Construction Contractor

NexusTek helped this customer move from a break-fix model to proactive IT management, by providing holistic, outsourced IT services ranging from disaster recovery to cybersecurity to strategic consulting.

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Southern U.S.

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200+ employees

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Privately Held

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Commercial Construction


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Protects against data loss due to disasters

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Minimizes system downtime

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Improves security of sensitive data

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Protects endpoints against cyberattacks

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Keeps customer informed on IT status

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Informs customer on IT best practices


The customer, like many small and medium-sized businesses, lacks an in-house IT team and relies on fully outsourced IT management. Before engaging with NexusTek, they worked with a managed service provider (MSP) but were dissatisfied with the level of service received. Their specific requirements included comprehensive services ranging from cybersecurity to day-to-day help desk support. In addition to quick responsiveness to IT issues, they sought an MSP that adopted a proactive approach to infrastructure management, addressing the absence of in-house IT leadership. Given their location in a flood-prone region, the customer also prioritized protection against downtime and data loss resulting from catastrophic weather events and flooding.


NexusTek addressed the customer’s comprehensive IT needs through a multi-faceted approach. The implementation of a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution, utilizing Datto technology, was undertaken to safeguard against downtime and data loss. In the realm of network and data security, a DNS filtering solution powered by Cisco Umbrella technology was deployed. NexusTek bolstered the customer’s security posture with the integration of endpoint protection and email protection technologies.

To ensure proactive IT management, the company initiated monthly onsite services with dedicated engineers, providing four hours of support each month. Proactive patching services were instituted to guarantee timely installation of software patches and updates, thereby maintaining the security and optimal functionality of their systems. Furthermore, a Virtual CIO (vCIO) was introduced, offering executive technology leadership and consulting services for four hours monthly, assisting the customer in areas such as best IT practices, standardization, and documentation.


Implementing the Datto backup solution has significantly lowered the customer’s risk of losing critical business data, including electrical project specifications, invoices, and customer information. Given the vulnerability to hurricanes and flooding in their region, storing separate backups acts as a vital protection measure against disaster-related data loss and ransomware attacks. This strategy prevents attackers from encrypting or destroying backups, providing an additional layer of defense against data loss in the face of disasters. NexusTek not only enhances cybersecurity by protecting against cyberattacks but also fortifies the customer’s resilience with proactive services.

The DNS filtering solution and endpoint protection contribute to a multi-layered defense against malicious websites and software, enabling secure network access for electricians across various devices. Proactive patch management services by NexusTek ensure timely installation of software updates, addressing potential vulnerabilities swiftly and freeing the customer’s staff from tedious security procedures. The dedicated onsite engineer service aids the customer in staying on top of IT system issues, updates, and upgrades. The NexusTek vCIO complements the customer’s leadership team by providing executive-level guidance on emerging IT issues, strategic planning, and technology choices. With NexusTek’s support, the customer has implemented essential IT initiatives, such as a server refresh and the adoption of Microsoft 365, ensuring a smooth-running infrastructure today and strategic planning for the future.


This case study was prepared with the customer’s full knowledge and involvement. To respect the customer’s privacy, we have omitted their name, logo, and any other identifying information.

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