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Case Study:

A Nationwide Wholesale Distributor

NexusTek has grown into a trusted IT partner for this customer, meeting a whole spectrum of IT needs that range from hardware procurement to cloud migration to data protection and security solutions.

location icon

Western U.S.

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750+ employees

company icon

Privately Held

industry icon

Wholesale Distribution


system downtime icon_

Minimizes system downtime

data access

Creates reliable access to apps and data

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Improves security of sensitive data

email access

Facilitates constant email access

Hardware icon

Keeps hardware updated and secure

team icon

Reduces demands on in-house IT team


This longstanding business relationship with NexusTek spans over a decade, originating when the company required an upgrade for an IBM processor. Pleased with the initial project, the customer continued to turn to NexusTek for various IT-related needs that arose over the years. Despite maintaining a small internal IT team, the customer consistently relies on NexusTek for ongoing IT services, including hardware refreshes, support for cloud migration projects, and assistance with cybersecurity. Beyond routine services, NexusTek has been called upon to address disaster-related concerns, particularly in mitigating the impact of local conditions such as earthquakes and wildfires on their main data center, ensuring superior business continuity and data security.


In their decade-plus partnership, NexusTek has been instrumental in addressing the diverse IT needs of the customer. This support encompasses procuring and maintaining on-premises servers and storage, deploying laptops for a remote workforce, and providing on-site services for a distribution center. NexusTek’s role extends to cybersecurity, offering a customized solution featuring Barracuda for email protection, Citrix for multifactor authentication, and Cisco for web security. The customer’s migration to the cloud, including a shift to Azure-hosted Microsoft 365 accounts, aligns with broader industry trends. Notably, NexusTek facilitated a significant cloud migration project, relocating workloads from a local data center to the Switch data center in Las Vegas, bolstering business continuity with a disaster recovery solution powered by Veeam technology.


Over a decade-long partnership, NexusTek has evolved into the customer’s trusted single source for IT hardware, software, support services, and expert consultation, beginning with the update of an IBM processor. NexusTek’s day-to-day support allows the customer’s internal IT team to focus on strategic initiatives while ensuring vital functions like infrastructure monitoring are expertly handled. In instances of urgent needs or major projects, such as migrating employee email accounts to a cloud-hosted environment or relocating a local data center, NexusTek’s expert engineers proved invaluable.

The partnership extends to disaster recovery, where the implementation of the Veeam backup solution significantly reduces the risk of data loss by storing backups separately from the main network. Beyond maintaining cyber resilience, NexusTek strengthens cybersecurity through a multi-layered approach, including DNS filtering, email protection, and multifactor authentication, enabling secure network access across various devices and locations for customer employees and leaders.

This case study was prepared with the customer’s full knowledge and involvement. To respect the customer’s privacy, we have omitted their name, logo, and any other identifying information.

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