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Co-Managed ​IT Services Plan

Our Co-Managed IT Services Plan allows you to easily scale your IT capabilities, with customization options to create the perfect fit for your business needs.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services Plans?

Co-managed IT refers to a partnership between a business and its managed service provider, in which each party takes responsibility for managing different elements of the customer’s IT infrastructure. Accordingly, a co-managed IT services plan is a bundle of specific IT services for which a managed service provider takes responsibility, helping the customer to build upon their internal IT capabilities.

NexusTek’s Co-Managed IT Service Plans

Designed for businesses seeking a co-managed IT partnership, this plan offers multiple add-on services that allow you to easily grow your IT capabilities in precisely the ways your business needs. NexusTek’s Co-Managed IT Services Plan also provides a combination of core IT services that keep your infrastructure maintained and healthy, while supporting employees to stay productive.  

Based upon your IT department’s goals and capabilities, your Co-Managed IT Service Plan will establish a division of IT responsibilities between your internal IT team and NexusTek’s team. With our engineers handling a portion of your IT workload, your internal IT team can work with greater focus and efficiency on IT initiatives of your choice. And access to expert technology consulting helps you to strategize more incisively for the future of your business.

Plan Features:

Proactive IT Maintenance​

Technology Consulting​

24/7/365 Help Desk​

Dedicated Engineer Add-On​

Server Support Add-On​

Plan Benefits:​

Reduce IT Team Workload​

Add IT Expertise​

Elevate IT Strategy​

Reduce IT Risks​

Toolset Flexibility​

Co-Managed IT Services Plan Features

*Unlimited Help Desk Support during business hours; after-hours support is subject to T&M.

**24×7 Help Desk Support must include all users and cannot be arranged on an individual user basis.

​ FAQs

NexusTek has provided managed services to businesses of all sizes for over 25 years. This wealth of experience has given us an in-depth understanding of the specific needs and challenges companies often face in relation to IT management. We understand that businesses can find it challenging to keep up with the high turnover rates IT professionals have historically exhibited. As any IT leader most certainly understands, turnover in IT staff creates a vicious circle, in which understaffing leads to work overload for existing IT staff, creating conditions of stress and burnout that increase the likelihood of more turnover. All the while, the risk of error and/or oversights increases, as even the best employees make mistakes when chronically overwhelmed.

NexusTek’s Co-Managed IT Service Plan was developed to address these specific IT needs, helping businesses to grow their IT capabilities so that they can stop operating in reactive mode, and really dig into the strategic IT initiatives that will make their business a stronger competitor in years to come. The plan provides exceptional value by leveraging best-in-class technology and processes, and U.S.-based talent who are trained and ready to step into action. Giving you access to the expertise of NexusTek technology consultants, this plan gives you the resources you need to shape the future of your business’ infrastructure.

Although some definitions of “co-managed IT” include joint or shared access to IT tools by both the customer and the managed service provider, NexusTek’s co-managed IT services are consistent with the high-level definition of the term, which denotes shared responsibility for the management of the customer’s IT as a whole. By dividing specific areas of IT maintenance and troubleshooting between the two parties, the co-managed partnership ensures that all aspects of IT management are covered and that everyone knows their role. Generally speaking, IT tools used to deliver NexusTek’s co-managed IT services will not be openly accessible to both NexusTek engineers and a customer’s full IT team. Terms may be customized based on a customer’s specific needs, however, so we encourage you to discuss your needs with regard to tool access with a NexusTek IT consultant.

Dedicated Remote Engineer is a service type that you can add onto your Co-Managed IT Service plan. This additional service delivers tailored support to your business provided by highly skilled engineers who learn the special nuances of your business. Your dedicated engineers deliver scheduled services on a fully remote basis, meaning that you can access personalized IT service no matter where your business is located. Your business can choose the number of hours of dedicated engineer service you need per month, as well as the areas of focus for your dedicated engineer. Dedicated remote engineers benefit businesses in a number of ways, including supporting informed IT decision making, identifying potential IT issues and opportunities, and providing a source of IT expertise for your team.

Mobile device support is an optional add-on service for our Co-Managed IT Service Plan. Many businesses now incorporate mobile devices—like cell phones and tablets—into their IT infrastructure. This creates a need for monitoring and management to protect against cyber threats stemming from mobile device use by field users (e.g., lost or compromised devices). Our mobile device support solution gives businesses greater control and visibility in the management of mobile devices used by their employees on the job. NexusTek’s mobile device support solution leverages mobile device management (MDM) technology, empowering our customers to secure field users’ mobile device access to the company data. In addition, this solution gives our customers’ field users access to help desk support to help them stay productive.

Yes, NexusTek is a member of the Apple Consultants Network, and we regularly serve businesses whose employees use Macs as well as PCs.

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