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Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

Protecting your business from cybersecurity threats requires constant vigilance and an up-to-date understanding of the range of attack vectors cybercriminals use to target their victims. In a never-ending attempt to circumvent the cybersecurity barriers organizations put in place, threat actors continually revise and retool their tactics, seeking new ways of exploiting both the people and systems that guard your business’ data.

NexusTek’s cybersecurity services protect your business against this constantly changing threat landscape, giving you a comprehensive arsenal of solutions that anticipate attackers at every move. Addressing both proactive and responsive security needs, our multi-layered cybersecurity solutions give you the building blocks to surround your business with a formidable defense.

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Managed Cybersecurity Plans

Maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture and monitoring for emerging threats requires constant commitment. Partnering with NexusTek for managed cybersecurity solutions gives your business the 24/7/365 attention you need to keep cyber threats at bay. With three managed cybersecurity plans that offer combinations of security solutions most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) require, we make it convenient to implement a thorough security program to protect your business. All managed cybersecurity plans are customizable, allowing you to create a plan that suits your business’ unique security needs.

Managed Cybersecurity Services benefits include:

  • Comprehensive cyber protection for your business
  • Customizable plans to meet your security needs
  • Our cyber experts manage your security systems

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure security refers to an extensive collection of solutions that serve a dual purpose: (a) they protect your infrastructure from cyber threats, and (b) they contain the damage threat actors can do should they succeed in penetrating your IT systems. Including solutions that support both cloud and network security, infrastructure security solutions are designed to work together to protect entire IT systems from end to end. With the growing complexity of today’s IT systems in general, and the increase in cloud computing more specifically, infrastructure security solutions are an indispensable facet of a strong cybersecurity defense for businesses of all sizes.

Infrastructure Security benefits include:

  • Reduce the risk of data breach
  • Secure reliable backups of critical data
  • Protect employees both onsite and remote
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Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) solutions give your business control over which people and which devices access your network remotely. IAM is often considered an instrumental element of a zero trust security program, and has become a cybersecurity staple for businesses offering any type of remote network access. This includes remote and hybrid employees, partner or contractor portals, and internet of things (IoT) devices. With IAM security solutions, you can grant the right people the right level of access, while keeping the wrong people out of your systems.

Identity & Access Management benefits include:

  • Protect business systems from unauthorized logins
  • Create stronger barriers to ransomware attacks
  • Enhance security for remote and hybrid workers

Cybersecurity Monitoring

Cybercriminals time their attacks strategically, aiming for windows when your guard is down. This reality is what makes today’s cybersecurity services portfolio incomplete without 24/7/365 monitoring, which NexusTek offers through its Security Operations Center (SOC). Leveraging Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM) software, our expert-staffed SOC keeps constant watch over your business, ensuring that any aberrant behavior within your systems is identified and investigated swiftly. If threats to your business’ security are detected, our SOC alerts you immediately and initiates incident response as appropriate. With cybersecurity monitoring from NexusTek, you can relax with the assurance that an expert team of SOC professionals is monitoring your systems for threats at all times.

Cybersecurity Monitoring benefits include:

  • Constant threat monitoring using sophisticated behavior analysis
  • Minimize cyber risk and damage resulting from data breach
  • Reduce downtime resulting from cyberattacks
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Security Awareness Training

Employees represent the #1 source of risk when it comes to cybersecurity, and threat actors are well aware of this persistent truth. You have no choice but to allow your employees access to your network and data, but this access creates a vulnerability that cybercriminals are experts at exploiting. This is why security awareness training is an absolute must-have in your cybersecurity services regimen. Providing your employees with regular sessions containing up-to-date information on the latest tricks employed by hackers, as well as cyber safety best practices, our security awareness training helps to transform your greatest source of cyber risk to an invaluable asset.

Security Awareness Training benefits include:

  • Keep employees informed of the latest threats
  • Develop employees’ capacity to identify potential threats
  • Help employees build habits that support cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Assessments

Cybersecurity assessments help your business to understand how your current IT systems and practices affect your cybersecurity compliance specifically, and your security posture more generally. This knowledge, combined with specific recommendations for cybersecurity solutions and strategies that can address any areas of weakness, empowers your business to take more effective control of its cybersecurity risk management. If today’s highly complex IT infrastructure combined with overlapping compliance regulations leaves you wondering if you’ve covered all your bases, turn to our senior technology leaders for clarity.

Cybersecurity Assessments benefits include:

  • Identify weaknesses that increase your business’ risk of cyberattack and/or downtime
  • Determine specific strategies for strengthening your business’ security posture
  • Improve your business’ compliance with applicable regulations
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NexusTek has supported SMBs with IT infrastructure management for over 25 years, and this experience has given us a thorough understanding of the cybersecurity needs of smaller businesses. Although SMBs are every bit as likely—if not more likely—to be targeted by threat actors in cyberattacks, they often lack the budget and/or staffing levels to fully manage their own cybersecurity solutions using in-house resources. Furthermore, a large portion of smaller businesses lack internal IT teams entirely, making it challenging for them to manage a comprehensive cybersecurity program on their own, or even to identify what types of cybersecurity services they need in the first place. With our understanding of this variability in knowledge, skill level, budget, and other resources among SMBs, NexusTek has thoughtfully developed an extensive portfolio of cybersecurity services to meet each unique customer’s needs. Whether your business needs isolated services like cybersecurity monitoring or security awareness training to round out your own in-house cybersecurity program, or you have minimal defenses and need to build a cybersecurity regimen from the ground up, we’ve got you covered.

Yes, many of the cybersecurity services and solutions NexusTek provides are consistent with the zero trust model. To be clear, zero trust does not refer to specific cybersecurity services or solutions, but instead refers to a set of security principles aimed at securing today’s diffuse, cloud-based infrastructures. For example, two key principles of the zero trust model are to (a) conduct continuous, explicit verification, and (b) implement least-privilege access. You might recognize that these two principles are reflected in identity and access management (IAM) solutions, as IAM gives your business control over who is granted access to your network and what level of access each person is given. To learn more about security upgrades your business can implement to better comply with zero trust principles, you may like to review our Cloud Project Services page.

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