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Simplify Your IT - Drive Business Outcomes

As an integral element of your overall business strategy, IT should be a means for accomplishing your business goals, not an obstacle. But in this era of rapid technological advancement, the proliferation of new technologies can be a double-edged sword for business leaders. On the one hand, if you have solid technology skills and a pinch of creative vision, you can incorporate new technologies into your current IT landscape in ways that accelerate your business performance to new levels.

On the other hand, if you’re not a technology expert—like most business leaders—you may find yourself confused, overwhelmed with choices, and poorly equipped to handle technical glitches and malfunctions. In small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it is common for leaders to wear many hats, including part-time IT manager, but the complexities of modern IT systems require specialist knowledge to manage effectively. If you have an IT professional on your staff, their focus should be on using technology to drive business outcomes…not getting tied down with cumbersome IT maintenance and troubleshooting.  

NexusTek’s managed IT services take the hassle and guesswork out of your IT management. Our engineers keep your technology running smoothly, so that you can focus on making your business a success.

Managed IT Services

To maximize the strategic potential of your IT, you should place its management into the most capable hands. For many businesses, this means outsourcing some or all of their IT management to a managed services provider. When you work with a managed services provider like NexusTek, you no longer need to manage technology installations, setup, or updates. With an expert IT team at the ready, you won’t have to troubleshoot tech problems or make complex technology decisions alone.

A team of expert engineers can assume full responsibility for managing your IT, or co-manage your technology alongside your internal IT team. With co-managed IT services, your internal IT team can focus on the strategic priorities of the business, freeing them up from routine and time-consuming IT tasks.

Help Desk Services

Technology issues are frustrating and erode your company’s performance. Whether it’s a forgotten password, a printer that won’t print, or inability to connect with Wi-Fi, technology problems waste your employees’ time and reduce their productivity. For many SMBs, their IT help desk consists of one or two IT professionals that are often overburdened with numerous tasks. For some smaller companies, employees and managers may even troubleshoot their own IT support issues.

Outsourcing your IT help desk support is a far more efficient choice. Help desk engineers are just a phone call away, and they can assist your employees with any level 1 or 2 IT support needs. This includes the most common types of help desk requests, such as password resets, application navigation guidance, and troubleshooting functionality issues with software or hardware.

Managed Patching Services

The digital devices that keep your business running require routine updates to maintain optimal functionality and security. Whether it’s a laptop, a mobile phone, or a tablet, your devices need regular updates to operating systems, software, and applications. Managed patching services take this time-consuming, tedious process off your hands, making sure that all updates are completed in a timely manner and never overlooked. By patching vulnerabilities in software and addressing functionality errors, managed patching services keep your devices safe from hackers and running reliably.

Managed Data Center Services

In this digital age, all businesses rely upon their data to maintain critical operations. Customer data, product data, employee data, and sales performance data are just a few of the many types of data that your company needs to stay on track and achieve its goals. The vital role of data is what makes data center management so crucial; the servers, network infrastructure, security solutions, and software all need routine maintenance and upkeep to function optimally.

The costs of maintaining an in-house data center are often prohibitive for SMBs. This is what makes managed data center services a more feasible choice for businesses that want the advantages of a data center without the attendant labor and equipment expenses.


With a range of customizable options, NexusTek works with you to develop a managed IT services plan that is tailored to your company’s needs. Our NexusTek partners with you not only to keep your technology running smoothly, but also to craft an IT infrastructure that facilitates attainment of your strategic vision for your company. Whether you choose fully outsourced managed services or a co-managed IT arrangement, NexusTek takes the hassle out of IT, transforming it into a strategic asset that you can use to grow and expand your business.

Our help desk engineers are there when you need them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your employees have important jobs to do—let our help desk handle the tech support issues, so your employees can keep your company on track.

Yes. NexusTek can not only provide managed IT services to companies that utilize cloud-based IT infrastructure to coordinate remote workforces, but we can also assist with setting up cloud hosting services that facilitate remote work options for your employees. Although our managed services plans can include onsite engineer support if desired, we can also deliver managed IT services on a fully remote basis. For companies seeking the most personalized IT support, managed IT services plans can include dedicated engineer services that can be provided on both onsite and remotely.

Our managed IT services can help you to meet your strategic business goals in a few ways. Outsourcing your IT management to NexusTek frees up time (your time, your employees’ time, etc.) within your organization that can be used to advance your company’s business aims. If using co-managed IT services to lighten the load for your in-house IT team, then your IT professionals have more time for developing your IT infrastructure in ways that better align with your company’s strategic goals. Finally, NexusTek offers Virtual CIO (vCIO) consulting services with any managed services plan. The vCIO contributes technology leadership at the executive level, helping you to sort through the vast array of IT options to develop an infrastructure that aligns with your specific business strategy.

There is no obligation to alter your IT infrastructure in any way if you choose to partner with NexusTek for your managed IT services or help desk services. Although we can offer a variety of strategic assessments to help you elevate your IT infrastructure, you are not required to make network changes, buy new equipment, change your cloud services, etc. If you are happy with your existing IT infrastructure, our managed services team will take the time to learn about your system from start to finish, and then focus on maintaining that system to its fullest potential.

No. NexusTek’s own internal team of engineers provides help desk services from locations within the U.S.

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