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Can You (or Your Staff) Identify a Scam Call

Can You (or Your Staff) Identify a Scam Call?

As you already know – hackers are clever. They’re utilizing new technology to steal from businesses like yours. One of today’s trending cyber security threats are scam calls. Often sounding like they’re from reputable sources like your bank or even Google! The following are a few examples of the most current scam calls.

The “Call from Google” Scam

Businesses rely on Google for several services. From Google ads and payment services to Google map listings and more, receiving a call from Google might not seem out of the ordinary. But, take a look at this recent transcript:

“Yea hi, this is an important message for the business owner. Due to recent changes in Google Maps we are required to inform you that unless the business owner reviews and confirms the information on your Google Plus business page, we will no longer be able to show it to Google users at the end of the coming month. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to speak to the tech support person assigned to help you personally. Thank You.”

While Google does make calls to a business they almost always originate from Google’s main number – (650) 253-0000, scam calls often originate from boiler room set ups.

Your Bank Is Calling Scam

If you ever receive a call from your bank asking you to verify information or make quick decisions, hang up and call your bank back. Ask to speak to a representative and explain the phone call you received. They may very well tell you: “We don’t have a record of reaching out to you.” Which is good news – you’ve avoided a scam!

Even if your caller ID reads “Wells Fargo,” don’t trust it. Hackers can manipulate this information. Your best course of action is to end the conversation and call the banker back. If you’re able to get through, great! If the call goes nowhere then you know it was a scam.

What can you do?

First, stay informed by reading up on the latest cyber security trends and educate your employees on what to avoid. Afterall, your network is only as secure as your “human firewall.” In today’s connected world, all it takes is one wrong click or responding with critical information to one wrong phone call that could jeopardize your entire business.

Bring in Reinforcements if Necessary

If you feel that you could be doing more to educate your employees, contact the experts at NexusTek.
Our proactive approach to Cyber Security Services places education at the forefront, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

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