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Five Ways Hackers Can Hurt Your Business with Office 365

Five Ways Hackers Can Hurt Your Business with Office 365

Most small business leaders know that they’re vulnerable to hackers, but 47% of companies don’t know the best methods for protecting themselves. If you don’t know how to protect yourself, you’re an easy target.

In Small Biz Daily, NexusTek CTO, Randy Nieves, outlines five ways that hackers can disrupt your business via holes in Microsoft Office 365. From identity theft to phishing, Randy explains the most prevalent tactics cyber attackers use to infiltrate your business and deploy malware and ransomware for exploitation.

Security breaches are an ever-increasing threat to small and medium sized businesses. In his article, Randy provides four steps that businesses can take to protect their Office 365 accounts. These precautions will make it more difficult for hackers to attack your organization through its Office 365 account. Randy also addresses recommended practices for data backup and recovery, should you get hit with ransomware.

Many SMBs engage managed IT services providers like NexusTek whose IT consultants and support professionals are hyper-fluent in cyber security, and which offer comprehensive managed security services for a fixed monthly cost.

Read this insightful content for best practices on protecting your Microsoft Office 365 account, and by extension, your business.

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