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Halloween Hack

How Trick or Treaters Can Hack Your Business!

Businesses are becoming more mobile-focused to make it easier for employees to be more productive. It’s nearly standard practice to issue company phones, tablets, and laptops but when employees use  their devices at home and connect to unsecured networks , it creates another layer of risk to organizations.

Halloween creates a unique opportunity for hackers. Think about all the smart devices such as lights, cameras, door locks and thermostats connected to the internet. Could one of those trick-or-treaters in disguise be a hacker?

By connecting smart devices to the Internet, you’re now visible to hackers. Once a hacker has access to your home network, guess what happens the next time your mobile device connects to the Wifi at work? You’ve just spread the virus to the business network.

The following tips will help you protect yourself against potential hacking threats this Halloween:

  1. Password Protect & Hide

Smart-home devices connect over your home’s Wi-Fi network. Which is why it’s essential that you properly secure it. If you don’t protect your Wi-Fi with a password or you only use the default password that came with your modem or router, all your devices are exposed—including that company-issued phone.

Lock your network down with a password – one that is unique and not shared with any other accounts you have. Or, hide your home network from view using an option in your router’s settings. That way, when a hacker posed as a trick-or-treater rings your doorbell, you won’t be their next victim.

  1. Create a Guest Network

Isolating smart devices from your computers and smartphones with a guest network adds another layer of protection. This way, the devices are essentially quarantined should there ever be a breach in security. This also makes it easier to take infected devices offline without having to upset your entire network.

  1. Get Creative with Passwords (Really Creative)

Too many people make the mistake of using the same username and password combination on multiple devices (or accounts). If any one of those combinations is discovered (your password at home is the same as your Microsoft Office 365 account) that hacker now has control of your entire professional life.

The latest best practice for passwords is a phrase. From shopping sites like Amazon, services you use like Netflix, your home network, and each of your work devices, all it takes is one lapse of good judgement in this world of IoT (internet of things) to put yourself and your company at risk.

  1. Can Trick-or-Treaters Be Hackers in Disguise

The short answer is yes. While you may see some scary Halloween costumes this season, stories about hacks and privacy breaches are even scarier. Taking precautions is essential, but it’s not just a one-person job. It’s the responsibility of every employee in your organization to become informed and take the necessary precautions.

Take the next step in protecting your business by raising awareness about the dangers of network hacking to your entire staff. NexusTek consults with small to mid-sized businesses about cybersecurity by providing up-to-date strategic guidance for your IT environment, as well as 24×7 monitoring solutions, Disaster Recovery services, and more. Give us a call today to speak to our specialists.

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