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Santa’s Workshop selects NexusTek to transform their IT operations

Santa’s Workshop selects NexusTek to transform their IT operations

“We may only deliver gifts once a year for Christmas, but Santa’s Workshop is a 24x7x365 operation. With children (our customers) wanting more sophisticated toys along with the trending global population growth, we had to innovate to become more agile, improve our ability to design new products, and meet critical project deadlines without interruption.” – Santa Claus, Founder/Owner

Business Need

Santa’s Workshop (SW) needed to improve the elves ability to collaborate on toy design away from their office desks. Traditionally they used design software that was housed in their on-premise servers and only accessible on their office workstations, which created delays in design creation and changes whenever off-site research was being performed. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they needed the ability to make real-time design changes and collaborate on projects remotely.

Bad actors have tried for years to hack their IT systems to sabotage their day-to-day operations, including well known Christmas grumps like the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge. With cyber threats becoming more elaborate, along with their business not being able to afford any operational downtime, they needed to better protect their business data and IT systems to prevent theft of top-secret information…including the Naughty & Nice List.

With the trending increase in workload, and only employing a 2-elf IT team to support an elf-force of 500, SW’s support ticket loads were becoming unmanageable with slow response times. This caused moments of disruption in their operations, it delayed projects and caused critical deadlines to be missed.


Santa’s Workshop chose NexusTek to partner with them to perform their IT transformation journey to solve their business problems. NexusTek took on ownership of their IT infrastructure by migrating SW’s workloads to the NexusTek Cloud, freeing up the IT elves to focus on more mission critical technology projects, and making SW’s business critical applications accessible in a cloud environment. SW also purchased laptops and tablets through NexusTek, allowing the elves to work on tasks away from their desk and make design changes in real-time on their now cloud-enabled applications. NexusTek’s Microsoft certified experts also implemented Microsoft Teams, so the elves could collaborate on tasks and video conference no matter where their job required them to be.

To ensure all the elves were educated on the latest cybersecurity tactics, NexusTek provided cybersecurity training to ensure the elves knew how to identify potential cyber threats and follow cybersecurity best practices to prevent their networks from getting hacked. Due to the fact that Santa’s Workshop is a year-round operation that requires around-the-clock protection, NexusTek now provides their Cybersecurity Monitoring Services from its 24x7x365 Security Operations Center. NexusTek also helped to design and implement SW’s business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, ensuring that they experience zero-downtime during a disaster…including from North Pole blizzards.

To help further free up SW’s internal IT team and solve the problem of response time to large quantities of support tickets, SW adopted the NexusTek Remote MSP Plan to utilize it’s 24/7 unlimited help desk and remote support of their devices.


As a result of the transformation Santa’s Workshop undertook with NexusTek, they’re in a prime position to have a great Christmas this year and beyond. Their new product design timelines have shortened, and they’re set to have a 20% increase in the number of new products launched compared to last year. The elves have informed Santa that they’re more productive and project collaboration has become enhanced, as evidence by their 100% project completion rate with zero project delays reported since NexusTek implemented the required IT solutions.

With Cybersecurity Monitoring services, Santa’s Workshop has identified and prevented targeted cyber-attacks on their operations…including from the dreaded Grinchware virus and the Bah-Humbug ransomware virus. North Pole Blizzards can still cause outages throughout the year, but now with a business continuity plan, SW has been able to continue their operations even when disaster strikes.

Since SW began utilizing NexusTek’s 24/7 IT support, ticket volumes have reduced back to normal levels and response times drastically improved. The 2-elf IT team now has more time to focus on optimizing their IT environment in collaboration with NexusTek and drive their ever-evolving IT strategy.

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