5 Reasons to Love Your IT Provider

Valentine’s Day is approaching and hackers LOVE finding ways to get into your company’s networkThis is one of the reasons that having an IT provider on your business’ side is so important. But that isn’t the only reason to love your IT provider. Here are some of the main reasons that you should absolutely love your company’s IT provider: 

  • Your IT Provider keeps you safe and secure.  
    Proactive monitoring by your managed service provider (MSP) mitigates effects of cyber attacks as well as often stopping them in their tracks. Your IT provider should be watching for and protecting from viruses caused by malware, ransomware, and any other infiltration into your network. After all, don’t we all just want to feel protected by those we love?
  • Your IT Provider should only be one phone call away.  
    As in most relationships, communication is key. If you are experiencing issues with your network, your IT department should be available to take your call and address any issues within a reasonable amount of time. Domestically-based IT help desk services should be standard with built in redundancy.
  • Your IT provider knows your business like the back of their hand.  
    One thing about partnerships around Valentine’s Day is that your partner often knows the smallest, but important, details about you that no one else would know. The same goes with IT providers and your business. When it comes to the ins and outs of your business, no one should know your business’ infrastructure and technology footprint better than your IT provider.
  • If things go wrong, someone needs to have your back. 
    Whether it be in relationships, your lunch order, or your computer, you must be able to allow the show to go on. Your IT provider is there in the crucial events when computers and servers break, and networking issues arise. Having a dependable IT provider who will be there when others will not is imperative.
  • Your business needs a trusted IT Consultant. 
    Many will say that the number one component to a relationship is trust. Without trust, there is no foundation. The same goes for a relationship with your IT Provider and IT Consultant. Being able to trust a company with your data, infrastructure and the ins and outs of your daily operations is key. You should be confident in your IT provider’s expertise and recommendations.

Your IT Provider plays a key role in your business. If you are without an IT provider or simply just-not-into your current provider, contact NexusTek at the link below.  Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  

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