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NexusTek Mobile
Device Support

What Is NexusTek Mobile Device Support?

NexusTek Mobile Device Support is a solution that gives businesses greater control and visibility in the management of mobile devices used by their employees on the job. Our solution leverages mobile device management (MDM) technology, empowering our customers to secure field users’ mobile device access to the company data. In addition, this solution gives our customers’ field users access to help desk support to help them stay productive.*

With MDM tools, businesses can track, monitor, troubleshoot, and even wipe device data in the event of theft, loss, or a detected breach.

Tracks and monitor mobile devices

Mobile device troubleshooting

Wipe data if device is
lost, stolen, breached

Includes cell phones
and tablets

Employer-provided devices eligible

Personal or BYOD
devices eligible

24/7/365 help
desk support**

Benefits of NexusTek Mobile Device Support

With NexusTek Mobile Device Support, you can remotely maintain device security settings and proactively uphold security best practices for mobile devices. NexusTek can help your business achieve that peace of mind.

*This solution may require additional licensing

**After-hours support is subject to T&M

Mobile devices that can be managed through this solution include cell phones and tablets. This solution is not used to manage devices that use MacOS or Windows operating systems (e.g., laptops).

Both employer and employee devices are eligible for this solution. Employer-provided devices are mobile devices that the company has supplied to field users and that are used for work purposes. These devices may be assigned to an individual employee or shared among multiple employees.

The solution can also be used to manage personal mobile devices that employees use for work, known as bring-your-own-device (BYOD). Some employers find BYOD to be an appealing, cost-effective option because it eliminates the need to purchase extra hardware. Security experts advise that applying security policies to personal mobile devices is more challenging than managing an employer-provided device. However, NexusTek Mobile Device Support permits enrollment of either employer-provided or BYOD mobile devices.

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