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Microsoft SharePoint

NexusTek enables enhanced real-time collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint. As long as you have access to a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox, you have secure access to critical files and key collaboration tools whenever you need them. Organize group documents in one place for optimal security and remote access for increased productivity. Share documents with team members both inside and outside your organization for up-to-date changes so everyone stays informed of latest modifications. SharePoint allows employees to create reports, share documents, and gather insights from data and files critical to team success. Customize SharePoint for optimal operations.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration system to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. Build an internal website to enable increased real-time collaboration between employees and partners. Manage the distribution of secure files with varying levels of access and permissions.

Microsoft offers two SharePoint platforms: SharePoint Server 2019 and SharePoint Online. SharePoint Server 2019 allows companies to deploy and manage their server on-premises to closely monitor their IT infrastructure while enjoying the modern experience of advanced features and security. SharePoint Online is the cloud-based version suitable for businesses of all sizes so they can cut IT spend on infrastructure and save time on monitoring systems. SharePoint integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools and synchronizes files and documents with the OneDrive Sync application.

SharePoint is highly customizable, and NexusTek’s IT consultants can help your company capitalize on its many capabilities to empower your employees and enhance your business operations.

SharePoint Online

Collaborate better and smarter with SharePoint Online. Employees can access data from anywhere on any device. Utilize workflow applications, list databases, and site creation to manage files and documents, share data and insights, and keep employees informed on latest news and developments.

  • Eliminate organizational boundaries with team sites to allow team members to work together whenever.
  • Connect team members to each other and the resources they need with the cross-platform mobile app.
  • Import files from OneDrive for Business easily with secure and easily organized document libraries.
  • Protect your mailbox and its content with data encryption on every email sent.
  • Empower all employees with intuitive voice-controlled navigation and support for multiple assistive devices.
  • Listen to and answer emails with voice responses or simple swipes in the Outlook app for on-the-go productivity.
  • Locate emails, contacts, and attached documents easily with an advanced search tool.
  • Prioritize tasks and flag messages for follow-up to stay organized and efficient.
  • Check in for flight, hotel, and rental car reservations with just the click of a button prompted in your email.

Integration with Business Intelligence Tools

Gartner® named Microsoft a Leader for the fourteenth consecutive year in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Enhance your business operations and customer experience with real-time analytics, data visualizations, and automated workflows from Microsoft Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate.

  • Accelerate app creation with little to no code needed in Power Apps, boosting productivity and efficiency.
  • Allow non-developers to easily create apps to speed timelines and lessen developer workloads.
  • Connect to many standard data storage services with Power Apps Connector to access data from the cloud or Microsoft applications effortlessly.
  • Improve decision-making processes across the company with data-driven insights with Power BI, accessible to all employees.
  • Gather, analyze, publish, and share Excel business data in new ways with Power BI Dashboard.
  • Create and share interactive data visualizations to better manage every department in the company.
  • Create and automate workflows to streamline everyday tasks and improve productivity with Power Automate.
  • Reduce human error with automated repetitive tasks to ensure accuracy and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Receive alerts to critical notifications and emails to speed decision-making time and enhance the customer experience.

OneDrive Sync App

Install OneDrive Sync on your computer to synchronize files and documents from your SharePoint to your computer and vice versa, as well as from your OneDrive for Business to your computer and vice versa. With this Microsoft application, employees can access files and documents at any time, whether online or offline.

  • Access your files and documents from anywhere from any device at any time.
  • Keep secure files private until making them public or sharing them with pre-selected colleagues and partners.
  • Assign user permissions of varying access levels for secure interactions with files and documents.
  • Ensure latest document versions with seamless, real-time editing across users both inside and outside your organization.
  • Share files and documents securely thanks to governance standards built into the Security and Compliance Center.
  • Keep the integrity of a document and eliminate multiple copies, avoiding confusion and wasted time.
  • Maintain documents and file updates across both desktop, cloud, and on-premises infrastructure for accurate and timely decision-making.
  • Free storage space on your device by unsyncing document libraries no longer needed very often.
  • Utilize Content Approval and document Workflows features for simplified content development and management.

Why NexusTek?

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, NexusTek is primed to help your business strategically optimize your IT environment to build a modern workplace. Our IT consultants can recommend the Microsoft business products that will enable secure anywhere operations and ensure your digital transformation. Our certified Microsoft experts offer onboarding services to safely and efficiently migrate your data and applications to your new cloud environment. Empower your employees to collaborate from anywhere, any time with the cloud-based services of Microsoft SharePoint.

Operate anywhere with NexusTek and Microsoft SharePoint.


Whether your company is nearing the end of a contract or needs to scale quickly to accommodate rapid growth, it is always a good time to migrate to SharePoint Online. Here are some reasons now is the right time for your business:

  • Scale data capacity for future growth.
  • Meet government compliance and industry regulations.
  • Switch from capital expenditures to operating expenditures for reduced cost.
  • Safeguard data in the cloud and across endpoints and devices.
  • Protect data, employees, and company against increased cyberattacks.
  • Enable remote access for anywhere operations.
  • Develop applications quickly and easily with little to no code needed.
  • Ease any current or future acquisitions with smooth integration of data and applications.
  • Upgrade to the cloud as part of a hardware and/or software refresh.
  • Migrate to the cloud upon expiration of data center contracts.

SharePoint is the ideal collaboration tool that improves teamwork, increases productivity, and enhances the customer experience. Here’s how:

  • Store, share, and collaborate on team documents from anywhere.
  • Stay informed on relevant news, user actions, and changes.
  • Keep files organized and discoverable through powerful content management.
  • Conduct real-time editing with colleagues and manage their user permissions.
  • Optimize processes with extensible apps, tools, and workflows.
  • Safeguard company data with intelligent security and compliance solutions.