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Unified Communication

Bring your calling system into the digital age with an advanced communication platform that integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

What Is Unified Communications?

Unified communications refers to internet-based platforms used for business communication. Unified communication systems are similar to traditional office phone systems in that they give employees a channel for talking with customers, partners, or fellow employees. As with regular phones, unified communications users have phone numbers and can place or receive calls in the normal manner.

But a unified communications system comes with certain modern enhancements. For one, a unified communications system transmits data over the internet rather than using phone lines, and generally offers a greater range of communication modalities, such as voice calling, chat or instant messaging, and video calls. Also, most unified communications platforms are designed to integrate with a variety of popular business applications.

Benefits of NexusTek’s Unified Communications​

Whether your business is upgrading from an existing phone system or implementing a wholly new communication system, NexusTek makes the process simple and straightforward. Our engineers work with you to understand your existing IT infrastructure and phone system, and then create a plan for deploying your new unified communications system so that it integrates naturally with your employees’ workstations.

Some of the specific benefits of unified communications include:

Stay connected & productive

Enables remote & hybrid work

Easy to use

Seamless transition

Saves time


Permits device choice

Cuts costs

Scales easily

Modernize your workplace and be better connected today.

​ FAQs

As a managed service provider with over 25 years of experience, NexusTek understands the IT needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We offer a hand-picked selection of unified communications solutions that can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure, and that offer the best user experience for your employees as they work through their busy days. As an internet-based calling service with cloud-hosted storage and an app-based interface, unified communications systems benefit from the same care and attention as any other part of your IT infrastructure. This is why it makes sense to partner with a managed service provider with NexusTek’s skill and experience for your unified communications system.

NexusTek offers multiple unified communications systems, all from industry-leading technology companies like Microsoft, RingCentral, and 8×8. This ensures that we can offer a high-quality unified communications system that fits each of our customers’ specific needs. While each system has its own collection of features, the following are the most common:

  • Place and receive calls using internet-based calling
  • Access phone account on any digital device with an internet connection
  • Complete both inbound and outbound calls
  • Coordinate group or conference calls
  • Conduct video calls
  • Communicate with chat or instant messaging
  • Place calls internally (i.e., to fellow employees in the same system)
  • Place calls externally (i.e., to parties outside of your business network)
  • Make calls to, or receive calls from, any phone user, regardless of whether they use internet-based calling or traditional calling
  • Establish dedicated phone numbers for each user
  • Phone number porting to retain previous numbers
  • Create digital voicemail accounts for each user
  • Forward, transfer, or hold calls
  • Automatically store call data in cloud-hosted environment

Yes, absolutely. Below are more detailed descriptions of the many benefits of using NexusTek’s UCaaS system for your business communications:

  • Stay connected & productive: Options such as chat, video calls, and traditional calls allow employees to communicate efficiently so they stay on track with projects and assignments.
  • Enables remote & hybrid work: Cloud-based service keeps remote and hybrid workers connected from any location with an internet connection.
  • Easy to use: Unified communications system is accessed through an app on employees’ devices, creating a simple and straightforward user experience.
  • Seamless transition: Employees get to keep their old phone numbers, helping to maintain business-as-usual without disruptions to the flow of communication.
  • Saves time: Because phone numbers remain the same, you avoid the hassle of updating business cards, websites, brochures, or other business documents.
  • Convenience: Employees enjoy the convenience of using the same business phone number whether they are working in the office, from home, or anywhere else.
  • Permits device choice: Employees can enjoy the personalized experience of accessing their business phone from their own devices, if your business permits BYOD.
  • Cut costs: Your business can reduce hardware and labor costs, as you no longer need to buy and install specialized phone or network equipment.
  • Scales easily: Because unified communications systems are cloud-hosted, you can quickly and easily increase or decrease your usage according to need.

One of the key benefits of a unified communications system is its versatility. Because data is transmitted over the internet, you can place and receive calls on any digital device, provided that it has a web browser and internet access. Employees access their accounts via an app, which they can install on their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, or smart desk phones. For video calls, the same set of devices can be used, as long as they are equipped with a video camera.

This means that businesses are no longer required to purchase expensive phone equipment and networking to use unified communications. Employees can instead simply use the devices they are already using for their normal workdays. Because accounts and phone numbers are assigned directly to a user (i.e., the employee), you no longer have to deal with the complicated logistics of setting up phone lines and voicemail accounts for employees for specific office locations. Anyone who has had to coordinate phone line and voicemail reassignment after employees change offices will appreciate the convenience of a calling system where phone numbers and voicemail boxes move with the employee automatically. There are no complex logistics; the employee simply logs into their account from their new workspace, and they’re ready for calls.

Indeed, because unified communications systems are accessible on a diverse range of devices, they offer greater flexibility and convenience than traditional phone systems. Employees can log into their accounts from whichever device they have handy at the moment, and from any location, inside the office and out. With such flexibility, employees aren’t tied to their office phones anymore, but instead are free to work from different locations and even run midday errands without missing important business calls.


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