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NexusTek delivers comprehensive MultiValue support and services for AIX, Linux and Windows operating environments. Whether your deployment is hosted on-premise, in a public cloud, in our managed private cloud or a multi-cloud environment, NexusTek’s MultiValue engineers bring extensive years of experience to get the most out of your MultiValue system.

For companies that operate a critical legacy MultiValue platform to support their business, expanding to new technologies may seem unattainable. Enter NexusTek – an experienced technology partner with the nationwide footprint, infrastructure and expertise to help capitalize on the many benefits of your MultiValue system on-premise or in the cloud. NexusTek’s MultiValue depth of knowledge and experience, along with our comprehensive cloud managed services cut prohibitive costs while improving flexibility and performance that foster DevOps advancement and improved ROI.

Only NexusTek can provide the necessary advanced support for MultiValue coupled with an all-encompassing suite of cloud services, managed IT services, disaster recovery, cyber security and collaboration, which today includes support for more than 10,000 seats running on a MultiValue platform. Our knowledge and vast experience with MultiValue, allows us to use a holistic approach to support your MultiValue system.

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Why NexusTek?

NexusTek combines extensive MultiValue-specific managed services, such as advanced monitoring and alerting, cyber security and regulatory compliance services, and advanced MultiValue backup management and monitoring solutions, into a single comprehensive offering. The addition of an IBM Power 8 VM stack in the cloud allows NexusTek to host AIX 5.3 and greater operating environments, purpose-built for supporting MultiValue customer applications. NexusTek stands alone as a single partner with the resources and capability to support all your enterprise IT and MultiValue application deployment needs.

Multiple Network Operations Centers (NOC)

24/7/365 Support

Professionally Managed IT Help Desk

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