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Managed Patching Services

Keeping your network systems updated is essential to keeping your business efficient, secure, and competitive. Software patches protect your network from malware that can damage your systems or compromise your customer or business data. NexusTek provides continuous monitoring services to automatically update your programs with the latest patches, so your business maintains its optimal systems performance and never misses a beat.

What is Patch Management?

Patch management is the process of distributing and applying updates to operating systems, software, and applications across servers and endpoints. Patches correct functionality errors or security weaknesses that make a business vulnerable to unplanned downtime and cyberattacks


How do NexusTek’s managed patching services improve your business?

NexusTek’s remote managed patching services automatically update each aspect of your network, including the programs and software you rely on every day. When Microsoft, Windows, or a supported third-party provider releases a patch, NexusTek will deploy the vital patch to every endpoint and validate for success. Workstations generally apply every night, while servers apply every week. NexusTek can also create a customized patching schedule that fits your business’ operations. With a supplementary work order, NexusTek can also help train your staff on the latest software features and performance enhancements so that your business capitalizes on every patch. We make patching work so your business can work.

Benefits of NexusTek’s Patch Management Services

As an award-winning managed service provider, NexusTek’s certified engineers provide the reliability and security of a constantly monitored and up-to-date system so that your business can remain secure and modern. Confidently operate your business without interruption or unplanned downtime with NexusTek’s 24/7/365 patch management services.

Update your systems with NexusTek’s patch management services to:


Patches offer competitive business advantages, including security, capability, uptime, and compliance. The latest security features allow business to meet compliance standards as well as improve overall cybersecurity and cyber resiliency against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Patches also provide enhanced features and capabilities, resulting in decreased issues, reduced downtime, and lowered maintenance costs. Such security features and functionality capabilities enable a more agile workforce, increase speed, and improve employee collaboration and productivity, ultimately leading to an enhanced customer experience.

Patch management is not only a required part of industry compliance standards, but also a crucial prerequisite in cybersecurity defenses. 40% of businesses wait to test and roll out patches, according to the Ponemon Institute, increasing the vulnerabilities of endpoints for months. In fact, poor patch management enables 60% of data breaches. NexusTek’s timely patch downloads of operating systems and applications help minimize your business systems’ security holes for cybercriminals to exploit and enable your business to meet compliance requirements.

Stay up to date with NexusTek