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Managed IT Services Provider

NexusTek provides Managed IT Services to small and large organizations across the country.
Focus on your business – not your technology.

What Is a Managed IT Services Provider?

A managed IT services provider (MSP) is a company that manages other organizations’ IT systems to varying degrees. Managed IT services are used by companies large and small, and services may be configured differently depending on an organization’s specific needs and preferences. MSPs may provide IT services anywhere on a spectrum that ranges from supplemental IT support all the way through fully outsourced IT.

The location of managed IT services provision can also vary based on a company’s needs. Managed services may be provided on a fully offsite basis, and they may also be provided on an on-site basis for companies that prefer this level of support. Whether a company uses an on-premises, fully cloud-based, or hybrid cloud-based IT infrastructure, managed IT services providers help companies to keep their IT systems running smoothly and reliably, often at lower cost than maintaining an in-house IT department.

We Make Technology Easy—Let NexusTek Manage Your IT

As a customer-centric managed service provider, NexusTek starts by consulting with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business technology needs and preferences. Based on your specific business needs, we then evaluate managed IT services options and provide you with recommendations on the best solutions to meet those needs. By placing your unique business technology needs at the center of our managed IT services plans, we ensure that the technology landscape is developed to fit your business—not the other way around. We then implement the appropriate managed IT services plan as seamlessly as possible, so that your business can keep moving ahead smoothly without missing a beat.

NexusTek offers managed IT services in the following areas:

IT Consulting

IT consulting services give your business access to NexusTek’s extensive technology expertise and skills, allowing you to create and implement an IT strategy that is aligned with your business goals. Our executive-level technology leaders provide consulting that helps businesses understand how technologies can be used to accomplish strategic goals, as well as how to configure and utilize various technologies to make those strategic aims a reality. Whether you are seeking to increase productivity, enable a remote workforce, or implement a new business model, NexusTek’s expert consultants have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Ranked among the top managed service providers in the country, NexusTek provides IT consulting services in a variety of specialized fields, including network architecture, infrastructure, cybersecurity and cyber resilience, cloud solutions, business continuity, disaster recovery, virtualization strategies, Microsoft solutions, and more. 

IT Consulting benefits include: 

  • Increase employee productivity and operational efficiency 
  • Strengthen infrastructure against ransomware and other cyberattacks 
  • Strategic IT upgrades that improve your company’s ability to achieve business goals 

Managed IT Services Plans ​​

The complexity of the modern IT infrastructure offers countless opportunities to businesses, but it also requires specialist knowledge and experience to manage. As a managed service provider with over 25 years of experience with businesses of all sizes, NexusTek offers specialized Managed IT Services Plans created to suit your needs. With both fully managed and co-managed options, our plans provide your business with tailored IT support that emphasizes proactive monitoring and maintenance to keep your infrastructure healthy and performing optimally. In those moments when you need assistance, our engineers are there to help, offering IT support and guidance to resolve issues, keeping your employees productive and your business running smoothly. 

All NexusTek Managed IT Services Plans give your business:

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance for both Mac and PC environments 
  • Expert technology consulting to guide IT decision making
  • 24/7/365 live, U.S.-based help desk with unlimited support

NexusTek’s fully managed IT service plans provide businesses with a full IT department.

Co-Managed IT Services Plans

The co-managed IT service plan by NexusTek enables businesses that already have an internal IT team to expand their IT functionalities seamlessly. For businesses in search of a collaborative IT partnership, this plan presents various additional services, tailored to enhance your IT resources according to your specific business requirements. Moreover, NexusTek’s Co-Managed IT Services Plan delivers essential IT services, ensuring the upkeep and vitality of your infrastructure while fostering employee productivity.

  • Proactive IT maintenance, help desk, network monitoring and support
  • Technology consulting to support your IT team
  • Add-on services available to meet the evolving needs of your business

Managed Data Center Services ​

Many businesses choose to maintain in-house data centers or server rooms, as they offer a fully private and high-powered computing environment that can be configured according to a company’s unique needs and preferences. However, private data centers or server rooms require constant monitoring and maintenance to keep hardware up to date, secure, and performing optimally. This places heavy demands on internal IT departments, resulting in staff feeling overworked and overwhelmed. This is why many businesses turn to a managed service provider like NexusTek for help with in-house data centers. NexusTek’s Managed Data Center Services take the never-ending upgrades, system checks, and repairs off your IT team’s shoulders, leaving your business more time and money to invest in improving and expanding your business.  

Managed Data Center Services benefits include: 

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance to keep data center running smoothly 
  • Upgrades and repairs help to maintain efficiency and security 
  • Frees your in-house IT team to focus on strategic tasks 

Managed Help Desk Services ​

Employees depend upon IT to get their jobs done, but when they run into issues like a forgotten password or a malfunctioning device, they need someone to turn to for help—and they need it now. Rather than overburdening your internal IT team with these minor but time-consuming support calls, an attractive option is to outsource your level 1 and 2 IT support requests to a managed service provider. NexusTek’s Managed Help Desk Services gives your employees access to a friendly and knowledgeable tech support engineer, who is just a phone call or email away.  

Managed Help Desk Services benefits include: 

  • U.S.-based help desk engineers available 24/7/365 
  • Keeps your employees’ running smoothly so they stay productive  
  • Reduces stress and pressure on your internal IT team 

Managed Patching Services ​

The operating systems and variety of applications businesses rely on everyday facilitate a wealth of business activities, but they can also create opportunities for unauthorized actors to penetrate a business’ networks. Installing software patches without delay reduces cyberattack risk because they correct functionality errors or security weaknesses that make your business vulnerable. When internal IT teams get busy with urgent tasks, installing patches can fall to the bottom of their to-do list. This leaves their IT systems vulnerable, which is why many businesses turn to a managed service provider for patch management. NexusTek’s Managed Patching Services ensure that software patches are installed in a timely manner, keeping your systems secure. 

Managed Patching Services benefits include: 

  • Improves cybersecurity by keeping software up to date 
  • Keeps software in good working order across all endpoints 
  • Never worry about updates being missed or delayed 

Are You a Small or Midsize Business with Questions About IT Services?


Our clients turn to us for managed IT services because we are experts in IT management and business software solutions. We deliver value by allowing you to concentrate on running your business while we manage the IT systems that facilitate your critical business functions, reducing downtime and controlling costs. Running a business—whether large or small—requires enormous reserves of time, energy, and expertise, and managing IT internally just adds to the demands on your resources. Outsourcing your IT services to NexusTek, on a full or partial basis, frees up resources that you can invest in making your business a success. 

To ensure that your managed IT services are of the highest possible quality, we maintain high standards of professional competency for our engineers. Demonstrating this commitment to excellence, our staff hold numerous competencies and certifications from a variety of partners, including Microsoft, Cisco, SonicWall, and VMWare. Our high standards ensure that you consistently receive expert-level consultation and support. LEARN MORE about our staff’s professional certifications and credentials.

NexusTek provides managed IT services on both a fully and partially outsourced basis. For many companies, partnering with a managed service provider for fully outsourced IT services makes the most sense. Fully outsourced IT services are ideal for companies that lack IT expertise, cannot afford their own IT department, or simply do not wish to maintain an in-house IT department. For such companies, NexusTek can provide the full range of managed IT services required to support their business processes. This includes proactive managed services and as-needed technical support related to IT infrastructure, network, applications, and data security. We can also provide IT consulting services to ensure alignment between a company’s IT strategy, organizational processes, and overall business goals. 

Many companies prefer to co-manage their IT infrastructure in partnership with a managed service provider like NexusTek, outsourcing only a portion of their IT management. Businesses choose a co-management approach to IT services for various reasons. For example, a growing business using a hybrid cloud infrastructure may prefer to retain in-house IT for its on-premises needs, enlisting a managed service provider to manage its cloud-based IT services.  

We also partner with companies to develop co-management arrangements that outsource only certain types of IT services functions to NexusTek. In such an arrangement, a company may use managed services for IT needs like routine maintenance and troubleshooting, allowing their internal IT team to focus on higher-value IT activities. A key advantage to a co-managed IT services plan is that companies can decide which aspects of their IT management to keep in-house and which to outsource to a managed service provider. Through co-managed IT services, NexusTek supports businesses to create an IT environment that is customized to their needs.

Our help desk engineers are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Yes, businesses of all sizes benefit from managed IT services, and in fact, smaller businesses often benefit in special ways when they enlist the support of a managed service provider. Smaller businesses are often staffed by employees who know their line of business quite well, but they may lack the specialized skills, education, and training that are required to manage IT systems on a business-wide level. Although smaller businesses may address their IT needs by bringing on internal technical staff, managed IT services are often a more affordable choice for a small or growing business, as prices are scaled based on size. 

Managed IT services do not need to replace internal IT departments, and companies with established IT teams often find that managed IT services providers help them to elevate their IT performance. This is because companies can designate a specific collection of routine and/or time-consuming IT tasks to the managed service provider, allowing their internal IT personnel to focus on higher-value activities that further business performance. 

Yes, both managed services plans strengthen your company’s security posture through proactive services that include backup and recovery support, as well as routine patch management. Keeping your operating system and application patches up to date is an essential part of cybersecurity protection, because unpatched systems and applications create vulnerabilities that hackers often target. In addition, NexusTek’s Total Care managed IT plan includes cybersecurity services such as proactive monitoring, threat detection alerts, security awareness training, external vulnerability scans, incident response, and more. 

  • Initial Needs Assessment & Quarterly Reviews 

Our expert team provides an initial assessment of your business technology environment, which creates the basis for development of a managed services plan that aligns with your company’s unique needs and strategic goals. In our initial assessment and in subsequent quarterly business reviews, our engineers evaluate the health of your IT systems, providing relevant metrics and recommendations for improvements as needed. This ensures that your IT infrastructure keeps pace as technologies evolve. 

  • 24×7 Proactive Management 

An integral part of all NexusTek managed IT services plans is proactive management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure. Our fully-staffed remote help desk and field service team manage your IT systems with perpetual monitoring, asset management, scheduled security scans, automated patch deployment, website and database care, server health assessments, and more. Our meticulous attention to these routine and often time-consuming tasks ensures that your technology is up and running smoothly any time you need it. 

  • Support for Routine or Urgent IT Needs 

With a managed services plan, you receive technical support to address emergency issues as well as those routine IT needs that continually arise. Our engineers assist with pressing situations like forgotten passwords, being locked out of accounts, or accidental file deletion. We can assist with problems like suboptimal equipment performance or loss of functionality, and we also offer routine IT services such as adding or removing users from applications. Whether you’re facing an urgent situation or simply taking care of everyday tasks, we’ve got you covered. 

  • Live Help 

Most managed IT services companies go out of their way to avoid live interactions. They want you to leave a message, wait endlessly on hold, or navigate an automated phone tree that never seems to get you to the right person. We recognize that your IT services needs are a high priority, and to demonstrate this, we actually answer the phone! It is very important to us that when you call one of our help desks—all of which are located within the U.S.—your call is answered by a human in our office and directed to the appropriate resource to resolve your issue. Optionally, support cases submitted online can receive the same priority handling as phone calls, which can help to streamline your workflow. 

  • Remote Engineers 

In addition to 24/7 help desk services, we also include a remote engineer in your managed IT services plan. Remote engineers provide you with tailored IT services and support. This is because your  remote engineer takes the time to learn the special nuances of your business, developing a working familiarity of how your IT and business needs intertwine. A remote engineer lends a personal touch to your managed IT services experience.

  • Strategic IT Consulting – vCIO  

Because technologies are integral to business operations, it is important to articulate a clear IT strategy that aligns with your company’s overall business strategy and organizational processes. This is important because failure to create such alignment can derail your digital transformation efforts. In particular, smaller businesses may struggle to develop an IT strategy because this requires an advanced understanding of both emerging technologies and business strategy. To provide you with this elite level of strategic capability, we offer Virtual CIO (vCIO) consulting as part of any of our managed IT services plans. Our vCIO services are shaped to your needs and may include developing cybersecurity strategy, IT modernization plans, IT policies and procedures, or IT budgets and forecasts. Companies without their own CIO often benefit from comprehensive IT strategy consulting, while companies with a CIO may turn to a NexusTek vCIO to ensure that they stay abreast of current technology trends and best practices. 

  • Flexible Managed Services Programs 

NexusTek is committed to developing managed IT solutions that are tailored to your company’s specific needs and preferences. Because no two businesses are exactly alike, we adopt a flexible approach when developing IT services plans with our customers. From our Unlimited Cloud Program, which includes 100% of your on-demand support and comprehensive managed services components for a fixed monthly cost, to customized programs built to suit your requirements, NexusTek offers the flexibility to meet your unique needs.