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Managed IT Services Plans​

NexusTek’s Managed IT Services Plans keep your infrastructure healthy and secure, with 24/7 support to keep your business productive and efficient.


Businesses of every size need IT support. Whether there are trained professionals on staff or a small group of technology-minded employees brought in to mind the IT, most business’s “IT” is not covered by their area of expertise.

While it is tempting to keep everything internal, modern cloud, mobile, and IoT computing make the need for properly managed IT essential to businesses of any size.

What Are Managed IT Services Plans?​

Managed IT services plans consist of multiple types of managed services that are bundled together for purposes of customer convenience and cost savings. Managed IT services plans generally provide a combination of proactive and responsive IT support to customers, helping them to proactively maintain their IT infrastructure but also responding quickly to any technical support issues that arise. Managed IT services plans commonly include offerings such as managed patching, help desk services, infrastructure monitoring and alerting, application management, and technical consulting.

NexusTek Managed IT Service Plans

Proactive IT Maintenance and Remote Engineering for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses​

NexusTek Support Care provides proactive monitoring and maintenance of IT systems, delivered by our award-winning U.S. based, certified engineering team. NexusTek Support Care includes a remote engineer who provides expert IT planning and troubleshooting, informed by an in-depth understanding of your business and IT infrastructure. Through technology consulting and guidance with our expert engineers, you gain a deeper understanding of your infrastructure’s health and maintenance, alleviating any worries about unknowns that may pose a risk to your business. Offering unlimited access during business hours, our 24-hour help desk is there to resolve any technical issues that arise, taking the burden of IT off your staff. With web-based ticketing, tracking, monitoring, reporting, and patching, NexusTek Support Care creates the technology foundation your business needs to achieve its strategic goals.

NexusTek Support Care benefits include:

  • Maintains IT performance to keep your business productive and efficient
  • 24-hour help desk ensures that employees get the help they need to stay productive
  • Personalized service from engineer who gets to know your business and IT infrastructure
  • Expertise that empowers your business to make smart and informed IT decision

Proactive IT Maintenance Plus Cybersecurity Support for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

NexusTek Total Care gives your business a multi-layered cybersecurity defense, in addition to all IT services included in the Support Care package. This managed protection and response plan not only defends against cyberattacks but also reacts to them, providing expert support for those high-stakes moments. In addition to 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting, this package features managed DNS security and cybersecurity awareness training per user. Our engineers will also perform an external vulnerability scan of the network edge per site every quarter. If a security breach occurs, rest easy with incident response and remediation services, included in the plan. With NexusTek’s Enhanced Support Care, your business gets around-the-clock protection against cyber threats plus support to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly, all in a single convenient package.

NexusTek Total Care benefits include:

  • Empowers employees to protect your business against social engineering attacks
  • 24/7/365 monitoring reduces cyber risk by quickly identifying and containing threats
  • Assures your customers, partners, and vendors that your infrastructure is secure
  • Helps with qualifying and obtaining lower premiums for cyber insurance

Managed Service Plan Features

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NexusTek Managed IT Service Plans​ FAQs

Why NexusTek for Managed IT Plans?

The complexity of the modern IT infrastructure offers countless opportunities to businesses. Even small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are taking advantage of all that technology has to offer the business world. With cloud computing, the explosion of business applications that have hit the market, and the variety of device types from laptops to servers to IoT devices, needless to say the management of the average business’ IT landscape has gotten quite complicated. When you partner with NexusTek for a managed IT plan, your business gets the luxury of taking advantage of all that modern technology has to offer, with the convenience of an expert team of technicians to manage the complexity such technology brings. With NexusTek as your managed service provider, you can focus on using your IT to make your business a success, while we focus on making your technology work for you.

Do NexusTek’s Managed IT Plans have vCIOs?

NexusTek offers a Virtual CIO or vCIO with any of its managed IT plans as an add-on service. The vCIO is an executive-level technology leader who possesses in-depth knowledge on both technology and business, as well as the interconnections between the two. As technology has advanced and become more complex (and pervasive) over the years, business leaders increasingly recognize that a business’ IT cannot truly be separated from its business strategy. Thus, it is important to create an IT strategy that is aligned with your business strategy. This is easier said than done, as business leaders are not typically well versed in IT, and IT leaders may not have much experience with the principles of business management. A vCIO does have knowledge of both areas, however, and because of this can provide invaluable insights that business leaders can use to make more informed and strategic IT decisions. With NexusTek as your managed service provider, you can add a vCIO on an ongoing basis, effectively adding a technology leader to your executive team. Or you can add a vCIO on a time-limited basis, which may be useful when planning IT overhauls or for IT assessments in areas like cybersecurity, modernization, or IT spend.

What if NexusTek’s Managed IT Plans don’t fit my business’ IT support needs?

NexusTek’s managed IT services plans were created to match what the majority of SMBs are looking for when seeking managed services. However, some businesses may need more or less support than our packaged IT plans offer. In this case, NexusTek encourages you to speak with one of our expert technology consultants, who will learn more about your business’ specific needs and determine whether a customized plan might be feasible. To connect with a technology consultant to discuss your business’ IT support needs, you may call, email, or submit an online request. Click on the “Contact Us” option on the upper right-hand corner of our website for details